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Case Forming

Reloaders Make Their Own Cases For Obscure, Obsolete Or Scarce Cartridges By John Barsness One of the more gratifying aspects

Big Little Bore

Handloading The Federal .327 Magnum. By John Taffin “Arguably the most important cartridge development for mainstream sport revolver handgunners since

Cold Cold to Hot Hot

Smokeless Powders Lose Temperature Sensitivity, Part 2 By John Barsness The quarter-century after World War II saw the biggest economic

Reverse Evolution

The Son Of The .41 Magnum—The .41 Special—Is For Handloaders Only. By John Taffin One of our best sixgun cartridges

The Modern Era Arrives

Smokeless rifle powders, Part 1 Most people consider history as wide-spaced major leaps, disregarding the incremental steps between, the reason

Once Upon A Smallbore

Reloading The .32 WCF—Now Known As The .32-20—Is Rewarding And Run. By John Taffin Winchester’s lever-action 1873 was the first

The 8×57 Mauser

Germany’s Storied Military Rifle Cartridge Had Many Twists And Turns During Its Service Life. By John Barsness The 8×57 is

The 7mm-08 Remington

A Proven Performer Designed To Fit Modern Short-Action Rifles. By John Barsness Riflemen who could be called “experienced” often snort