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Reverse Evolution

The Son Of The .41 Magnum—The .41 Special—Is For Handloaders Only. By John Taffin One of our best sixgun cartridges

The Modern Era Arrives

Smokeless rifle powders, Part 1 Most people consider history as wide-spaced major leaps, disregarding the incremental steps between, the reason

Once Upon A Smallbore

Reloading The .32 WCF—Now Known As The .32-20—Is Rewarding And Run. By John Taffin Winchester’s lever-action 1873 was the first

The 8×57 Mauser

Germany’s Storied Military Rifle Cartridge Had Many Twists And Turns During Its Service Life. By John Barsness The 8×57 is

The 7mm-08 Remington

A Proven Performer Designed To Fit Modern Short-Action Rifles. By John Barsness Riflemen who could be called “experienced” often snort