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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is my Customer ID Number?
Your customer ID Number is located above your name on your magazine address label, renewal notice or invoice and is normally seven to nine numbers long. Supplying this number with your name and address allows us to better respond to any inquiries about your subscription.

When does my Subscription Expire?
The Expiration Date can be found on your magazine address label above your name and to the right of your ID Number. It reads as MONTH 00 (i.e. DEC 22). Please note this refers to the issue, not the calendar month. When you send in a renewal payment, it will normally take one or two issues for the new expiration date to show.

How do I change my Mailing Address?
Click the "address change" link at the bottom of this page or call customer service at the number above. Be sure to allow plenty of time for your COA to take affect. If possible, contact us four to six weeks before you move. The post office does not guarantee forwarding of magazines.

Where is my Issue?
GUNS Magazine is published monthly and normally ships six weeks prior to the cover date. For example, the January issue would begin mailing in mid-November. Domestically, it is mailed Periodical Class through the USPS. Delivery time varies and normally arrives within 14 days. Foreign delivery is sent Surface Rate, and delivery time can take anywhere from six to 12 weeks. Airmail delivery is available and may be requested by contacting us.
If you feel that your issue is late for another reason, or has been damaged, please the"missing issue" link at the bottom of this page.

I ordered a subscription that included a Free Gift. When will I receive it?
The gifts offered are sent separate from your magazine. Please allow six to eight weeks from the time your payment is received for delivery in the U.S. If you feel that your free gift is missing for another reason or if you still have questions, please contact us..

When do you send out Renewal Notices?
Renewal notices normally begin being mailed three issues before your subscription is due to expire. For example, if your subscription expires with the March issue you would begin receiving notices in the month of October. Because of the mailing and processing time, you may often receive a notice even after you have renewed. This is common in the magazine industry. To reduce the number of notices you receive you should renew early or for a longer period of time. Remember, there is no risk should you decide to cancel your subscription. We will always refund you for unmailed copies. You may also receive occasional Special Renewal Offers from us, even though you may have a while before your subscription expires. If you have a question about these, email us or call our customer service department at the number listed above. For your convenience, you can renew online by ordering here, we will extend your current subscription by the term indicated.

Why have I received an Invoice?
There are several reasons you may receive an invoice from us.
1. You requested a new subscription and asked to be billed.
2. You requested a renewal of your subscription and asked to be billed.
3. You included payment, but your check or credit card did not process correctly.
4. You sent payment, but it did not process before the next invoice was generated.
5. You made a partial payment on your subscription.
While we process orders daily, we only update our subscription records monthly. It is not uncommon for a payment to take three to eight weeks to post into your account. If it has been two months since your check cleared or your credit card was charged and you are still receiving invoices, or if you stop receiving your magazine, please contact our subscription department.

How long will it take for me to receive my first issue?
Depending on how and when you place an order, the time varies. Generally you should allow six to eight weeks for your subscription to begin. Foreign delivery can take eight to 12 weeks.

Can I give a Gift Subscription?
GUNS Magazine makes a terrific gift for handgun enthusiasts, collectors and hunters. CLICK HERE

How can I get a information from a past issue?
If you would like to purchase a specific issue, order online from our store call our customer service department at the number at the top.