Accufit= Accuracy

In 2018, Savage is at the top of its game with a complete face-lift being given to their successful Model 110 line. First came their revolutionary and...
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The M1896 Mauser

When planning my book, Shooting World War II Small Arms, I almost didn’t include the Swedish Model 1896 Mauser chambered for 6.5x55. The reason was...
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The Magnificent Steyr M1912

When I think of the Steyr M1912, I think of comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s immortal line: “I don’t get no respect at all.” Here was a magnificent...
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Ruger’s Revamped PC Carbine

Centerfire rifles firing pint-sized pistol cartridges make a lot of sense. They’re fun — and cheap — to shoot. And their minimal recoil means the...
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Terror Of The Trenches

The Model 1897 Winchester Trench Gun was a fascinating footnote to the carnage of World War I.

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Ruger’s .450 Bushmaster AR

Ruger is proving to be a great proponent of the .450 Bushmaster cartridge — and why not? It’s a great tactical and hunting cartridge wrapped in a...
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Sparking A Revolution

The flintlock as we know it evolved over many decades. Though the history of firearms development is misty on the subject, it appears the familiar flintlock...
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Rock Your Roller Lock!

Few guns have had the near-universal acceptance enjoyed by HK’s roller-lock family of weapons. From the iconic 9mm MP5 SMG to the .308 G3 battle rifle,...
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Frontier Firepower

Winchester billed their Model 1873 lever gun as “The Rifle that Won the West.” It didn’t, at least not all by itself but it did win my West. For 20...
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Stevens Single-Shot Pistols

There is an elegance to the single-shot pistol not reflected in revolvers or semi-autos. They’re sleek, simple in action, easy to tune and nicely...
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An Engineering Marvel

Introduced in 1936 and reigning as America’s premier centerfire rifle until discontinued, the pre-’64 Winchester Model 70 was advertised as the...
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The Mighty Model 71

Introduced in 1936 along with the Model 70, the M71, an improved version of the Model 1886, was in production from 1936 to 1958 with 47,254 made over a span...
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“Triple Deuce”

It was a head turner as well as the first new, commercial cartridge introduced after World War II, and interestingly enough it was purely a varmint...
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The Remington-Lee

James P. Lee, a Scotsman by birth and a naturalized American citizen by choice, left an immense footprint on the firearms scene in the latter half of the...
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Japan's Imperial Triad

Are you a purposeful collector or do you tend to simply accumulate a gun here and a gun there? Or are you so highly focused you cut through a gun show like...
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