.30 Caliber Cool

Here’s a pretty concise rundown on the .30 Luger courtesy of the 2006 11th Edition of Cartridges of the World by Frank Barnes (edited by Stan Skinner):

“Introduced in 1900 by Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken, the 7.65mm was designed by Georg Luger for the Luger Automatic pistol. The cartridge is still used chiefly for the Luger pistol although some SIG, Beretta, Browning and Walther P-38 pistols are chambered for this round. It was adopted as standard issue by the Swiss, Brazilian, Bulgarian and Portuguese issue but none of them currently for frontline service.

“General comments: This is another bottlenecked rimless cartridge similar to the .30 Mauser but shorter and not as powerful. It is not noted for great stopping power because of the small-diameter, lightweight full-jacketed bullet. It is used for rabbits and the like, provided the bullets are properly placed. The only manufacturer still offering this cartridge is Winchester. Bullet diameter is 0.308".”

All Lugers are pricey but those in .30 caliber are considerably more so. Back in 1982, Interarms was bringing in a new commercial .30 from Mauser called “The Parabellum” in 4" and 6" trim based on the old Swiss-pattern American Eagle and packed in a velvet-lined presentation case. The $625 MSRP back then sounds like a stupendous bargain today.