AGS Brass Case Annealer

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At last year’s SHOT Show, I met the Serbian inventor of what I’d argue is the very best semi-automatic case annealer. It handles cases with bases from 0.402″ (.223) to 0.622″ (.338 Lapua). An easily adjusted digital control allows you to vary the speed of the electric motor turning the case carousel to set the duration each case will be heated under the torch. A second electric motor rotates the case in the flame for even heating and annealed cases drop through the carousel for collection underneath.

The kit includes an adjustable torch holder and separate pen holder. Get your own plug-in transformer to convert household AC to the DC, 12-volt, 2-amp power needed to operate the unit, a propane torch, and a bottle of 700-degree Tempilaq paint ( and you’re set to vastly increase your case life.

MSRP: $210

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