They Were Classics

Call me a hopeless romantic, or maybe just hopeless, but the sad fact about me is that I was careless enough to lose at least two classic S&W screwdrivers...
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Something Darned...

While I write this, I’m listening for my tumbler to shut off, as I’ve got about 65 pieces of recently fired brass getting a cleaning in soapy water,...
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The Power Of The Dog

He entered the world on March 17, and eight weeks later, he entered our family as the liveliest, most loving little mutt one might imagine. My younger son...
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Gun “Safety”...

First, it became “gun safety,” and then “gun violence prevention,” followed by “gun responsibility” and more recently, “gun reform,” but it...
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If Only I Were...

A couple of weeks ago, one of my social media pals asked me what it was like testing guns and what gun writers did with them afterward.
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By The Numbers

Just in case you missed it — and a lot of people evidently did — a publication called Legal Reader recently reported some interesting gun-related crime...
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Admirably Armed

Being a working journalist, whose beat is all-things-gun-related, I make a point of watching trends among legally-armed citizens and recently, while...
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vortex strike eagle
Vortex Strike Eagle...

The Strike Eagle line of riflescopes is a crowd favorite thanks to the quality/price ratio leaning more in favor of the shooter. Just added is the 3-18x44...
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No Translation Needed

Remember when we were kids and any mention of gun safety applied to such things as 1) Finger off the trigger 2) Muzzle control (don’t aim at anybody) and...
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Order In The Courts

Just before the holidays, a pair of judges — one a state circuit court judge in eastern Oregon’s Harney County and the other a federal judge with the...
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Ghosts Of Christmas

For as far back as I can remember, the Christmas birthday I shared with my sister, who came along three years ahead of me, has been a double bit axe — and...
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Savage 1911
Savage Arms 1911...

Savage Arms has introduced 12 variants of 1911 Government Model Pistols to their handgun line-up chambered in either 9mm or .45 Auto.
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Leave It To The Beaver State

You’ve got to be a masochist to enjoy the battle over gun rights in the Pacific Northwest, on both sides of the Columbia River, but you really do need to...
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springfield armory saint victor 9mm
The Perfect PCC? The...

While short-barreled AR pistols are fun, Roy Huntington thinks this full-length, 16" 9mm SAINT Victor Carbine from Springfield Armory could be even better.
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Numbers Game

A recent Gallup poll on gun control contained some interesting numbers sure to have caused some consternation among gun prohibitionists, while underscoring...
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Man in camouflage wearing new Safariland Chest Rig
All-New Safariland Chest Rig

The all-new Safariland Chest Rig provides flexibility for any outdoor adventure that requires a holster but where traditional belt carry is less than ideal.
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Executive Action

For the first time in several years, the Second Amendment Foundation has an executive director — 36-year-old attorney Adam Kraut of Pennsylvania, a...
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ALPS OutdoorZ Vault Blind Bag
ALPS Outdoorz Vault Blind Bag

Keep your waterfowl gear organized and secured out of water and mud with the new Vault Blind Bag in Realtree Timber came from ALPS OutdoorZ.
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Hide ‘N Seek

Winter months in the Pacific Northwest, upper Midwest and in the far Northeast are for concealed carry, and for that purpose, most people I know have more...
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Large Frontal Mass

“What makes the .45 ACP the best personal defense caliber?”
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First Look at IWI UZI Pro

A classic with an update. The IWI UZI Pro SB is the star of this week's First Look.
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handgun and holster
Order In The Court

The elections are over, but the dust certainly hasn’t settled on the legal battlefield where gun control has collided with the Second Amendment and the...
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Holosun AEMS Green Dot Sight
The Holosun AEMS Green

Just when you got used to red dots, here come green dots! Nic Lenze shows you the AEMS, a green dot option from Holosun. Groups for proof!
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Bacon And Eggs

Trust me on this, the world’s troubles — or at least your share of them — disappear in a hunting camp just as soon as breakfast bacon begins sizzling...
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The Ayoob File

American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine readers have known Massad Ayoob over the years for his insight and careful analysis of self-defense incidents, and for...
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511 Range Ready Trainer Bag 50L in Black
A Range Bag Fit For Mary...

The Range Ready Trainer Bag from 5.11 has space to hold everything you need for a day at the range and then some.
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Professor Pew CLP Gun Cleaner
Professor Pew CLP:...

We try to keep our guns clean, as well as our bodies, here at FMG Publications. That's why Nic Lenze gives Professor Pew CLP, a plant-based cleaner, a whirl.
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Bankruptcy Strategy?

An Enlightening Few Minutes With SIG SAUER’s Govt. Affairs Veep
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solo stove bonfire 2.0 in mulberry
New Bonfire 2.0 From Solo...

Now available in four all-new colors, the Bonfire 2.0 from Solo Stove is perfect for everywhere your outdoor adventures take you including hunt camp,...
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Trim Length: Reloaders...

One thing a lot of people overlook is case trimming, not to the maximum length shown on every cartridge diagram in every reloading manual I’ve ever seen...
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