You Bought A Gun … Now What?

First Look: Ruger Super GP100

First Look: Altor Single-Shot Pistol

Dry Fire Tips While Self-Quarantined

RIA 1911 Goes From 9mm to .22TCM

Access Your Gun In Under A Second

Shooting the 5.7x28mm Ruger-57

Zanders Debuts Exclusive Lineup Of Impala Plus Shotguns

Hear More While Shooting with Otto NoiseBarrier Micros

Traditions & Federal Change Muzzleloading

Take A Knife To A Gunfight?

Aimpoint CompM5b Compensates for Ballistic Drop

Eley Targets Semi-Auto Benchrest Shooters

Savage Goes Semi-Auto with Renegauge

New Carry-Size Walther Q4 Steel Frame

Nighthawk Custom Develops Drop-In 1911 Trigger

Mossberg Expands Their Handgun Line With The New MC2c

A compact 9mm pistol, this feature-rich handgun is performance-driven and with double-stack magazines for added protection, it’s the perfect size for concealed carry.

Springfield Armory Introduces The New XD-M Elite Pistol Line

GUNS writer, Will Dabbs, MD takes a close look at these factory striker-fired pistols that are redefining the polymer platform with numerous upgrades and improvements.

HSM Ammunition Adds To Their Low-Recoil Line

HSM’s new 6.5 Creedmoor Low Recoil variant reduces felt recoil by a staggering 47% making it ammunition for all generations.

Trijicon Introduces Huron Riflescope Line

Ruger LCPII Is Even More Fun in .22 LR

Mossberg Introduces The New 940 JM Pro

Designed in conjunction with World Champion shooter Jerry Miculek and his daughter Lena, the 940 JM Pro is feature-rich, fast-cycling, and ultra-competitive.

Colt Reintroduces The Legendary Python Revolver

Colt brings back the iconic Python Revolver with more features and upgrades enhancing an already classic firearm.

Make Every Shot Count

GUNS Magazine editor Brent Wheat looks at the data-driven approach to improving your shooting as he reviews the MantisX.

Trijicon’s New SRO Is More Than A Red Dot Sight

With an unobstructed field of view, the Specialized Reflex Optic from Trijicon offers faster target acquisition with faster red dot acquisition.

Daisy’s Red Ryder BB Gun Celebrates 80 Years!

The iconic Red Ryder BB Gun has hit the 80-year mark and Daisy celebrates with a one of a kind commemorative edition of the Red Ryder.

Kimber’s Ultimate CCW Pistol – The EVO SP

American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington reviews Kimber’s EVO SP (CS), while Jeff “Tank” Hoover takes an in-depth look at it in the January/February issue of American Handgunner.

NAA’s Magnum Family of Mini-Revolvers

Producing the smallest personal protection revolvers in the world, NAA’s line-up of .22 Magnums is a showcase of engineering excellence.

Springfield Armory’s New HELLCAT Pistol

American Handgunner’s Will Dabbs takes a close look at the
new HELLCAT 9mm micro-compact polymer pistol.

The S&W Mod. 69 – A Warrior’s Fighting Spirit

American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington takes an inside look at
Mag-na-port’s S&W Model 69 .44 Magnum, he dubs The Haka!

Taurus Releases Their All-New G3 Handgun

Available in 6 different models, Taurus’s new G3 polymer pistol is the
start of a new generation.

Meet Norma’s STRIKE Family Of Ammunition

Norma’s STRIKE series brings extreme long-range accuracy and excellent
terminal performance at all distances to a wide range of rifle calibers.

Ballistician Bryan Litz Explains Long Range Shooting

The ins and outs of shooting long-range and Berger Bullets new .375 Solid cartridge.

Apex Offers Upgrades For The FN 509 Midsize MRD

Apex Tactical Solutions offers upgraded aftermarket drop-in firearm parts
compatible with the new FN 509 Midsize MRD.

Berger Bullets: An Inside Look

Made with the world’s finest components to exacting tolerances, Berger is
unmatched in the performance of their bullets and ammunition.

A Shotgun With The Ergonomics Of
An AR-15

Kimber’s 9mm Evo SP line of subcompact concealed carry pistols have a
cutting edge design with superb functionality.

Kimber’s Striker-Fired Family Of Handguns – The Evo SP

Armscor’s VR80 12 gauge shotgun looks and feels like an AR-15,
but shoots like a shotgun.

The Next Generation Of Ammunition

Roy Huntington, Editor of American Handgunner showcases the Ruger revolver’s
of Gemini Customs in Insider Action.

The Next Generation Of Ammunition

Inceptor’s ARX Preferred Defense Line of ammunition leverages the latest
technologies to create the next generation of defense.

A Safe Way To Display Your Firearms

InvictaSafe keeps your firearms safe, but lets you display them them for all to see.

Silence Your Shotgun

SilencerCo’s Salvo 12 suppresses the sound of a shotgun, but not how it shoots.

The Gunsite Les Baer 1911 Pistol

Les Baer Custom teams up with premier training facility Gunsite Shooting
Academy to produce a custom 1911 worthy of the legendary Col. Jeff Cooper.

The Making Of A Custom Shotgun Stock

Perazzi USA shows how they measure and customize their gun stocks to fit the shooter.

See The Target Impact At Over 1,000 Yards

MagnetoSpeed’s latest target indicator mounts to the back of a steel target,
lighting when the target is hit.

Norma Now Offers Ammunition For Pistols And Revolvers

An all-around performer for concealed carry and home defense, Norma’s MHP in
9mm Luger delivers reliable expansion, weight retention and accuracy.

XS Sights Keeps You On Target With Their New DXT2 Sight

It’s all about faster acquisition, higher visibility and staying on target with
XS Sights new Big Dot night sights series. For a closer look, see Dave Workman’s review by clicking HERE.

Upgrade To The FN 509 Midsize

FN 509 series of pistols expands with their new, midsize carry model. This 9mm pistol retains the same features of the full-sized pistol performance in an easily-concealed package.

See More Target Presentations With The MEC Outdoors Defender 400

With more target presentations and tilt capabilities, you can spend more time shooting targets than reloading them with MEC Outdoors new Defender 400. For more information, visit

Precision, Long Range Or Hunting, Riton Optics Has The Scope

Veteran owned Riton Optics expands their elite MOD 7 series of riflescopes with two new models.

Cadex Defence Now Offers A Traditional Style Stock

The Strike Nuke Evo is Cadex’s new fully adjustable synthetic stock designed for the long range shooter who prefers a traditional style stock to chassis systems.

Daniel Defense Introduces The Delta 5

Combining the modularity used in their AR platform, Daniel Defense designs a bolt-action rifle for the long range precision shooter.

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