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.38 Wadcutters

Don’t Overlook This Bullseye Classic By John Taffin Just this past week a young woman who already carries concealed asked

.30 Carbine

A GI Buddy From A Misspent By John Taffin After graduating from high school in 1956 and trading my paper

A Speedier Spin

The Truth About Twist By John Barsness Many rifle shooters remain semi-stuck in the British mists of 1879, when a

Super 6.5

Forget The Creedmoor! the .26 Nosler Is The True Long-Range Round By John Barsness When the .26 Nosler cartridge was

Why The 6.5 Creedmoor?

Thoroughly Modern, Super Accurate, Easy Shooting And Easy To Load Are Reasons Enough By John Barsness Apparently the 6.5 Creedmoor

Condition Orange

Lyman’s Signature Color Signifies Innovation By John Taffin Do you remember Roy G. Biv? Long before I knew of Roy

The .25-35 Winchester

This Smokeless, Lever-Action Classic Is Even Better With Modern Components By John Barsness The .25-35 Winchester Center Fire (WCF) was