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Mid-Bore Workhorse

The Enduring .358 Winchester. By John Barsness The generation immediately after World War II saw enormous changes in American hunting

Speed Demon

Reloading The Potent Little .22 TCM John Taffin With the advent of the .357 Magnum in 1935, dedicated sixgunners began

All-World Classic

Reloading the 6.5×54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer By John Barsness If the 6.5×54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer cartridge appeared today, it might be one of the

Hot Press!

MEC’s Metallic-Cartridge Marksman Is A Solid Single-Stage Reloader By John Taffin Over the past 60 years my various loading benches

Breaking The Barrier

Just Over 100 Years Ago, The .250-3000 Savage Electrified The Shooting Scene By John Barsness Evidently introducing new rifle cartridges

“Top Ten”

The 10mm Is Perhaps The Finest Iteration Of The “.40 Concept” By John Taffin The roots of the 10mm go

The .30-30 Winchester

Sometimes We Forget How Well Our Old-Timey Cartridges Work By John Barsness The first question about handloading the .30-30 Winchester

Sixguns And The .45 ACP

Loading For Auxiliary Cylindered Single-Action Revolvers By John Taffin Forty-five years ago, graduate school took me 500 miles away from

Case Forming

Reloaders Make Their Own Cases For Obscure, Obsolete Or Scarce Cartridges By John Barsness One of the more gratifying aspects

Big Little Bore

Handloading The Federal .327 Magnum. By John Taffin “Arguably the most important cartridge development for mainstream sport revolver handgunners since

Cold Cold to Hot Hot

Smokeless Powders Lose Temperature Sensitivity, Part 2 By John Barsness The quarter-century after World War II saw the biggest economic