Back Home On The Range

When shooting for groups at 30 yards, whatever challenges there are to accuracy are due solely to the M58’s barrel-mounted V-notch rear sight. Getting things aligned with the brass blade front and the target itself was easy when I was a teenager. Keeping everything in reasonable focus is something of a chore now. Winchester LR Power Points still grouped the tightest, but “tight” for me now isn’t what tight once was. The Winchester Shorts, incidentally, impacted a touch lower (see target photos).

Other loads I tried included Remington 40-gr. Subsonic and Aguila’s 60-gr. Super Sniper subsonic and very snappy (1,700 fps) 30-gr. Super Maximum. All would have been small-game getters at the distances I’d still have any business shooting at rabbits and squirrels at with those sights — which I’d estimate at 40 yards and under.

Since I’ve had decades of being spoiled by scoped or receiver-sighted .22s, I was a bit chagrined at the results. I then remembered all the critters my Dad had taken were all closer than 30 feet. In his eyes, the little rifle was a tool for eliminating pests, not a dedicated hunting arm. And speaking of eyes, when mine were good enough to actually hunt with the M58, I can’t recall having taken anything cottontail-sized or smaller at much over 30 yards anyway.