Tweaks And Touches

Our shooting buddy Doug Fee’s particular M98 specimen — obtained at auction six years ago for the enormously agreeable hammer price of $275 — had been left alone magazine-wise but had some sporting touches that would have put it in the state-of-the-art class back in the day. Stock-wise, it has a checkered pistol grip and Schnabel fore-end, a suitably vintage and still relatively pliant Red Head recoil pad and an add-on sling swivel band.

But the pièce de résistance was a Lyman 1A peep sight set in a milled dovetail on the cocking piece. This little item gave you a choice of two aperture sizes in a remarkably inconspicuous package. I’ve seen a lot of Krag sporters with larger, more elaborate receiver sights, usually Redfield, Williams or Lyman M48s but this little Lyman is small, efficient and uncomplicated. I’ve also seen scoped Krags, but most have featured side-mounts, or rarely, a Scout-type forward mounted setup if your tastes run that way. Mine doesn’t.