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Pros And Cons Of The AR

A Clear-Eyed Look At ‘America’s Rifle’ By Dave Anderson The AR-15 has become so publicized, dramatized, politicized and demonized, it’s

Elegant Efficiency

Light Makes Right: Kimber’s 6.5 Adirondack By Dave Anderson Back in the late 1970s my mantra was “the shorter, the

The .177 Solution

Want To Shoot Better? High Volume Practice Is The Key By Dave Anderson Most of us have had the experience

Sticker Shock!

Expert Advice Comes With a Price By Dave Anderson Whatever your interest, there are Internet forums and websites with expert

Friendly Fire …

Best Buds, Good Guns By Will Dabbs, MD It’s really a wonder we survived adolescence. We first met in 9th

Turnbolt Tradition

CZ’s Walnut — And — Blue Model 557 By Mark Hampton CZ’s Model 557 Sporter — walnut, blue steel and


Wilson Combat’s .458 Ham’r Hits Like A Flying Anvil By Holt Bodinson Photos By Takashi Sato The Tactical Hunter is

Don’t Overdo It!

Over Cleaning Can Be As Bad As Neglect By Dave Anderson In selecting gun care products and developing cleaning routines