Paintball Centers

In my local travels, I’ve found paintball centers to be the ideal solution. They’re in the business of filling lots of air tanks almost like the ones we use. They have to fill multiples at once on busy paintball days between rounds, so they’re used to this. They have to charge as well, but you should find the prices very reasonable.

Most paintball marker tanks use the same type of Foster connection common to the airgun world. The only gotcha is we’re slightly opposite on the whole male/female thing. Unlike airgun cylinders, most paintball tanks have a male Foster connection. Fortunately, that’s not a big deal. My local center had had a box of adapters pre-configured to connect for their female Foster fill hoses to a variety of things including SCUBA K-Valves and 300-DIN connections. I rigged up a male-to-male Foster fitting adapter and was in business for future fills.

At Paintball Charleston near me, topping off both of my cylinders took just a couple of minutes and cost me a grand total of seven bucks. One thing to keep in mind is the paintball event schedule. If you can stop by your local paintball store during the week when big events aren’t in progress, you can be in and out in a jiffy as you won’t have to wait in line with dozens of other folks to get air.

Fire? Water? War games? There’s bound to be one of these options near you that can service your air-to-go needs.

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