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October 2021 Issue

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1873 Western Revolver

Davidson’s Inc.

Davidson’s now offers two variants of the 1873 Western Revolver. The new Davidson’s Pietta Exclusives are convertible models — each has two cylinders. One is chambered in 45 Colt and one in 45 AP. Offered in a 4.75″ and a 5.5″ barrel, they both feature a deep blued finish on the frame, cylinder and barrel. The trigger guard, front strap and back strap are high-polished brass. There is also a companion piece: the 1878 Double Barrel Deluxe Coach side-by-side shotgun. Chambered in 12 gauge, it features 20″ barrels, a walnut stock, a color case-hardened receiver and more. MSRP: Revolvers $559.99 each; Shotgun $989.99. For more info: (928) 776-8055,

SS (Short Slide) D&L Professional Model

D&L Sports, Inc.

The SS (Short Slide) D&L Professional Model is a commander-size 1911 .45 ACP pistol. However, it’s not a commander. The full-size Pro Model had been redesigned to work with a short slide, yet retain the functional slide travel distance and timing of a full size 5″-barreled Pro Model. This design allows shooters to use shocks buffs during their high volume training without concern about slide travel distance. MSRP: Starting at $3,950. For more info: (928) 636-1726,


Pro-Drag Trails End #307 Combo

Wildlife Research Center

The Pro-Drag Trails End #307 Combo from Wildlife Research Center is a scent and dispenser set. Pro-Drag is made with a special synthetic felt for maximum scent absorption and dispersal. Super Charged Trails End #307 with Scent Reflex Technology is an improved version of the company’s first product. Pro-Drag Trail’s End #307 Combo includes a 1 fl.-oz. bottle of Trails End #307, two Pro-Drag scent dispensers and one drag rope. MSRP: $12.99. For more info: (800) 873-5873,

WX Climb

Wiley X

The WX Climb from Wiley X combines its popular rectangular lens shape with an ANSI safety rating for optical clarity and protection against high-mass and high-velocity impact. Built for durability, a lightweight, high-wrap frame blocks unwanted peripheral light and makes for a comfortable, snug fit that stays put even when the wearer is active. The WX Climb comes in three models. The one in the picture has a matte grey frame and polarized blue mirror (grey Base) lens. MSRP: $90. For more info: (800) 776-7842,


Compound Box Blind

Hawk Hunting

The Compound Box Blind gives stealth a new meaning with insulated steel walls and a steel foam-insulated floor topped with a 1″ high-density rubber mat. It measures 7.25’ W x 5.75’ D x 6.5’ T and ships fully assembled and field-ready! MSRP: From $4,999.99. For more info: (877) 269-8490,

Strato Low Loft Jacket


The Strato Low Loft Jacket delivers enough insulation to keep the toughest soldiers warm in cold environments while maintaining hyper breathability to eliminate overheating. The Strato is fully reversible with one OCP side and one black side. When not in use, the jacket can be stuffed into its hand pocket. The OCP color is restricted to U.S. Military personnel. MSRP: $330. For more info: (800) 462-7743,


Gauntlet 2 PCP

Umarex USA

Umarex Airguns improved on the first generation Gauntlet and has come up with the Gauntlet 2 Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP). All new for 2021, the Gauntlet 2 is offered in both .22 and .25 calibers. It brings a refined look and performance potential to shooters looking for an alternative to rimfire rifles or the discerning air gun shooter aiming for the 10-ring. MSRP: $449.99. For more info: (479) 646-4210,

Sabre Star Bullets


Sabre Star Bullets from Northern Precision are now made in .452 diameter for the .45 ACP, the 454 Casull and the 450 Bushmaster. They are designed for extreme expansion for self-defense and varmints. These have cone-shaped hollow points with six sharp expanding points producing a buzzsaw effect on contact. The Sabre Star is also made in .429 and .418 caliber for reduced recoil loads. MSRP: $25 for 40 standard bullets; $35 for 25 bonded core bullets. For more info: (315) 955-8679,


AR-15/M16 Barrel Vise Jaws

Luth-AR, LLC

The AR-15/M16 Barrel Vise Jaws from Luth-AR is an armorer tool for AR barrels. The Vise Jaws uses two “V” blocks that clamp into your bench vise to simplify assembly work. Additional notches and surfaces can be used to hold or stabilize components while setting or removing pins and other operations. Will work with standard barrels as well as 1″ bull barrels and 3/4″ heavy barrels. It’s made of high-strength 6005 A-T61 aluminum for durability. MSRP: $29.95. For more info: (763)-263-0166,

TAQ Walle


The TAQ Wallet is the world’s only tactical wallet with a high-power USB rechargeable LED flashlight with safety strobe, integrated bottle cap opener, screwdriver, glass-breaking tip and carabiner attachment site. The TAQ Wallet will also deliver from 75 up to 150 lumens of light on demand with the push of a button. Available in black, blue, OD green (in picture) and aluminum. MSRP: $74.95. For more info: (866) 496-2506,


Merge Cellular Trail Camera

Muddy Outdoors

Muddy Outdoors’ Merge Cellular Trail Camera captures images up to 26 megapixels. This means clearer and sharper images for the hunter. An updated burst mode allows hunters to capture up to six images per triggering, bringing together quality and quantity. Beyond clearer images, the camera has a 0.4 trigger speed. The Merge will be powered by the Stealth Cam Command Pro app and set up by a quick-scan QR code. MSRP: $149.99. For more info: (877) 269-8490,


Natchez Bowie in 3V

Cold Steel

Cold Steel introduces the Natchez Bowie in 3V, an elegant blade inspired by the infamous 19th century “Under-The-Hill” landing below the Natchez Bluffs. It is a robust bowie pattern knife with an 11.5″ clip-point blade made of CPM-3V steel. The handle is G10. Additional features are a polished double-quillon guard, bolster and pommel. Overall length is 17″. MSRP: $629.99. For more info: (877) 269-8490,

Pinnacle Quilt

ALPS Mountaineering

The Pinnacle Quilt from ALPS Mountaineering is ready for the 2021 camping season. Based on a 20D 380T nylon shell and efficient 600 Fill Power hydrophobic down fill, the quilt is engineered to more comfortably accommodate different sleeping positions while ensuring optimal heat retention and ventilation options. Accommodates up to 6’2″ height. MSRP: $179.99. For more info: (800) 344-2577,

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