Professor Pew CLP

Plant-Based Diet For Your Guns
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We try to keep our guns clean, as well as our bodies, here at FMG Publications. That’s why Nic Lenze gives Professor Pew CLP, a plant-based cleaner, a whirl.

The Professor Pew CLP cleaning solvent uses a soybean, plant-based solution that is non-hazardous. It can be used as a bore cleaner, rust protectant, and lubricating oil for your firearm, but it is also suitable for other objects including tools, automotive, knives, and other household items. An added bonus — it’s made in the U.S.

While which lubricant and gun cleaning products are the best is one of those things people will argue for hours over, one thing we can all agree on is that regular maintenance is necessary, not optional. For a fast and easy way to clean your pistol, be sure to check out our Gun Cleaning 101 tutorial.

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