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If Guns Could Talk…

By John Taffin We’ve all come across a particularly interesting classic gun we wished could talk. But sometimes they do

The Good Old Days?

A Little Perspective, Please … By Massad Ayoob In 1968 pickings were slim for new handguns. In the “US Pistols

Beer Or Champagne?

Expensive Handguns Aren’t Necessarily Better! By Massad Ayoob For 2017, my training year ended in mid-December with a third-level class

The Ugly Truth

A Bargain-Priced Detective Special Proves Its Inner Beauty By Massad Ayoob So there I was in one of my favorite

Comfort & Concealment

Concealed Carry Doesn’t Have To Be Uncomfortable. Here Are Some Packing Tips By Massad Ayoob Let’s face it, carrying a