Surprising Accuracy

To put the action/inaction theory to the test, I headed out for a range day of accuracy testing. Right. It was all work!
I set up at 25 yards using the Ransom Multi-Caliber rest, my new favorite handgun testing accessory. It provides a rock-solid handgun platform and is easily portable in a .50-caliber ammo can.

I chose the sample TX 22 outfitted with the Holosun HS507C red dot optic. This model features a circle with an interior red dot reticle and I just love the sight picture. It’s fast and easy to acquire, thanks to the large outer circle and the small interior dot provides all the precision you need.

The five-shot group results were stunning. The Winchester Super Suppressed .22 LR 45-grain load won the day with an average group size of just 0.90". Honorable mentions went to the rest as follows: CCI Mini Mag HV .22 LR 40-grain (1.17"), Norma Match-22 .22 LR 40-grain (1.29"), SK Pistol Match .22 LR 40-grain (1.40") and Lapua Pistol King .22 LR 40-grain (0.97").
Yes, this little competition, plinking, service trainer pistol will shoot.