BBs and Pellets

With each passing month replica airguns are becoming more and more realistic, making them great for training. The folks at SIG SAUER Airguns are fanatical about realism for just this reason. Their 1911, P226 and P320 air pistols look, and feel, like their centerfire cousins. It doesn’t hurt when the same people who make the fire and brimstone versions also produce their own line of airguns. Not only do the folks at SIG have access to the technical drawings but they actually use them when designing said air pistols.

Take for example the brand-new SIG SAUER Air M17. It’s a replica of the official new sidearm of the U.S. Military, the 9mm M17, based on the SIG P320 pistol. This pistol offers some interesting training possibilities because you can even practice reloading manipulations as the “magazine” contains both a CO2 cartridge and twenty .177 caliber pellets. Here’s the nifty part: The CO2 is held captive so you can dump the magazine without losing gas. When your pellets run dry, just do a high-speed Delta-Ninja-SEAL tactical mag dump and pop in a fresh one so you can continue fighting off the horde of invading tin cans. The pistol is true to spec regarding dimension so use your preferred holster and any rail accessories that float your boat.