• Springfield Armory M1A Tanker

    Springfield Armory is a powerhouse in the contemporary American gun world. Resurrected in 1974 from the ashes of the venerable 200-year-old government armory,

  • First-Generation American

    Ruger is the American, offered in both .45 ACP and 9mm. It’s not designed for hunting, target shooting or outdoor carry (even though it could be used in those capacities)....

  • Taylor's & Company 1892 Alaskan Takedown

    Quick, what 130-year-old product do you still use in its original form? A car? Nope. Airplane? Nope. Train? Nope. Radio, TV set, computer, socket set, camera … nope all around.

  • Dan Wesson DWX 9mm

    The Dan Wesson DWX is the classic hybrid. Taking the good stuff from the Czech CZ75 and mixing it in with the secret sauce from John Moses Browning’s archetypal single-action...

  • A Jump Ahead

    On appearance alone, the FG42 belongs atop the list of “unique and unforgettable” arms. Once you handle one, you’ll never forget it either—even just the semi-auto...

Falco D901 Hybrid Roto Shoulder Holster

FALCO Hybrid Roto Shoulder Holster

The Falco Hybrid Roto Shoulder Holster features an...

The Magnum Opus Handgun by MachineMind Munitions

The Magnum Opus Handgun By MachineMind Munitions

Prepare to be captivated by the epitome of luxury and...

Black Hills Ammunition 300 PRC ELD-X

Black Hills 300 PRC ELD-X & ELD Match

Black Hills Ammunition is now loading 300 PRC (Precision...

Otis .30 CAL Sectional Rod Rifle...

The king of the pull-through cleaning kit now makes traditional sectional rod kits of lifetime quality. American-made from solid brass and offering strength...
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yellow text on blue background below Gun Cranks logo that reads: What's Old Is New;
What's Old Is New

Watching the old become new again is a constant in life. We see it with clothing trends, music, and yes, even guns. Two recent examples come to mind: The...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
North American Arms Mini Revolver in man's hand
NAA Mini Revolvers: A Fistful Of...

All firearms are a matter of compromises, and the North American Arms mini-revolvers are a great example of meeting in the middle — quality, convenience...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Mossberg 940 Pro

Competition betters the breed. This has been common knowledge since the halcyon race days of the ’60s when the automaker’s slogan “win on Sunday, sell...
Read Full Article Jeremy Clough
Bear & Sons Bold Action XV

For over 30 years, Bear & Son Cutlery of Jacksonville, Ala. has become known for their well-built, affordable traditional folders and fixed-blades — so...
Read Full Article Pat Covert
Winchester Model 150

I’ve used many Winchester rimfires of ’30s, ’40s and ’50s vintage that — more or less — fit the description of “budget” .22.
Read Full Article Payton Miller
The Battle Wagon Knife

How many knives can legitimately claim a possible physical participation in four active conflicts — WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Lebanese Civil War —...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Freedom Arms Model 1997

In 1997 Freedom Arms introduced their “90 percent gun,” the smaller, and thus easier packin’, easier shooting, Model 97.
Read Full Article John Taffin
Burris Fastfire C Reflex Sight

We all want the top-of-the-line sights for our top-of-the-line pistol, but after we finish lying about it to our gun buddies, we go home and start shopping...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Two More On The Right Side

Last month saw two more states — Louisiana and South Carolina — join the ranks of those jurisdictions where “Constitutional Carry” is the law, and...
Read Full Article Dave Workman

Shadow Systems
Foundation Series CR920

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Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

SIG Sauer Perfect Packin' 10

As we grow older we not only naturally become opinionated, we are expected to. After nearly 70 years of shooting and 50 years as a gunwriter, I have become...
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Savage Arms 110 Scout

Since Scout Rifles first appeared on the radar, I’ve seen a few non-commercial examples ranging from DIY chopped-up surplus bolt actions to spectacular...
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The Benelli Vinci

I can still recall the considerable splash Benelli’s seriously unconventional Vinci shotgun made on its 2009 introduction.
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Black Powder Cartridges...

The .45 Colt cartridge consists of a 250- to 255-grain bullet over 40 grains of black powder, at least according to the prevailing wisdom.
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Packing A Lightweight...

If the eyes are the windows of our very soul, the gun we carry is an extension of our defensive cognition.
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Shell Games

When you think about it, shotgun design hasn’t changed a whole lot in the past several decades. The first over/under was a Beretta wheellock musket...
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Talking Turkey...

Ken Byers is one of the most well-known turkey-hunting guides in the country. He sits down with host Brent T. Wheat to talk about their shared love of...
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Bug Out Bags for...

It's a great idea to have a bug out bag, but if you look to videos and the internet for ideas, you'll quickly get overwhelmed. In this episode, GUNS...
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How To Keep Your...

Roy Huntington gives hard-earned advice on how to work with your gunsmith, plus shares a special announcement!
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