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The changing face of ‘charcoal burners’

Rifles for troubled times

Making good choices in bad times

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Rimfire Rossi Rio Bravo

I own a few remarkably accurate .22-caliber rifles, but after getting wind of Rossi’s brand-new lever-action rifle, the Rio Bravo, I think I can squeeze one more into my arsenal.
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First Look

Cop Critics...

A recent Rasmussen survey let some air out of the windbags who have been demanding defunding or dissolution of police agencies, revealing that 63% of...
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Introduced in 2019, the Springfield Armory Hellcat proved its mettle in a 10,000 round test, with every round documented. Now, that very same Hellcat pistol...
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Guns, Guns and...

When Barack Obama was in the White House, the firearms community suspected it made his administration crazy that one particular industry thrived selling the...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

The First...

Continued from last month — Life is full of trade-offs and while the Walker and Dragoon revolvers had plenty of power, their 4-lb. plus weight made most...
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Ruger Gunsite Scout

Colonel Jeff Cooper is probably most remembered for the development of the Modern Technique of the Pistol along with the American Pistol Institute, now...
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Mossberg 935 Magnum

I’ve been a certified adrenaline junkie for most of my life. If it got my heart rate up I was in — motorcycles of all types, sky diving or stacking on...
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Hyskore Six Gun...

So many guns, so little room! If you’re like me, struggling to keep my gun safe organized has been a challenge. Well, I finally found a solution.
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Quick-Open Options

State laws against automatic or “push button” knives are falling like dominos across the nation and cutlery manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon.
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New Products...

Protect yourself and your family with Rock River Arms’ compact BT92152. The BT-9 pistol with SBA3 arm brace in 9x19mm has a billet aluminum lower with a...
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Collar Buttons...

Looking at the studs used to attach men’s collars to the neckbands of the shirts of the era, it’s easy to see where John Barlow's inspiration came from...
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Time’s up:...

You do know Election Day 2020 — November 3 — is just over the horizon, right?
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The .38 Special...

It seems everyone is always talking about .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum leverguns but what about .38 Special and .44 Special loads in leverguns which were...
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Terror at 25...

Though fun to shoot, firearms can also be extremely dangerous when handled or used improperly. Regardless of whether you're a new shooter or an old hand,...
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Dwight Van...

An expert on documenting, valuing and selling firearms, Dwight Van Brunt founded Sportsman's Legacy to manage fine firearms and collectibles for individuals...
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Will A Laser Get...

Some believe handgun lasers are the best invention since sliced bread, while others condemn their use as a guaranteed trip to the morgue. But which...
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