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A Cheeky .44 Special/ .44-40 Combo

Nighthawk GRP & 30 Super Carry

High Performance Match-Making!

The Hellion

Springfield Armory's Bullpup Has Bite!

Springfield Armory RONIN EMP

An Enhanced Micro Pistol You Can Afford

Cosmi Shotgun

100 Years Of Bespoke Italian Elegance

Ruger 10/22 Custom Competition

A New Edge For The Bread-And-Butter Rimfire

Ruger Doubles Down Part 2

Revolver or auto? Roys Take On The LCP

Ham'r Time!

Make Your Own DIY AR-15 Rifle
Eagle Wrangler Grips

I’ve gone down a road that keeps going farther and farther — customizing Ruger Wrangler .22 revolvers. And, one of the most important additions are some...
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gun cranks holiday wishlists
The Gun Cranks' Holiday Wishlists

On this episode of Gun Cranks, Tom McHale, Ashley McGee, and Nic Lenze (AKA Young Crew) discuss their holiday wishlists.
Read Full Article Tom McHale
Man in camouflage wearing new Safariland Chest Rig
All-New Safariland Chest Rig

The all-new Safariland Chest Rig provides flexibility for any outdoor adventure that requires a holster but where traditional belt carry is less than ideal.
Read Full Article Ashley McGee
The West Goes South

It was the late 1940s and very few homes had television sets. If you wanted to see TV, you had to go downtown and look in the window of the department store.
Read Full Article John Taffin
holosun aems green dot sight
Review: Holosun AEMS Green

The Holosun AEMS is a red or green dot optic that packs a lot of features. Watch as Nic Lenze talks you through them with some help from a friend.
Read Full Article Nic Lenze
New Products Gun, Gear, Holsters...

Guns and the gear to carry and outfit them. Check out 2023’s latest.
Read Full Article GUNS Staff
Executive Action

For the first time in several years, the Second Amendment Foundation has an executive director — 36-year-old attorney Adam Kraut of Pennsylvania, a...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Ultimate CCW Upgrade

The civilian world should recognize A9T Mission Pant as the ultimate CCW upgrade.
Read Full Article Lindsey Bertomen
EDC gear for vehicles
Junk In The Trunk: Vehicle EDC

Everyday carry can extend to your daily driver, and for the Cranks, it certainly does. Listen as Brent Wheat, Tom McHale, and Ashley McGee discuss their...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
ALPS OutdoorZ Vault Blind Bag
ALPS Outdoorz Vault Blind Bag

Keep your waterfowl gear organized and secured out of water and mud with the new Vault Blind Bag in Realtree Timber came from ALPS OutdoorZ.
Read Full Article Ashley McGee

NAA Ranger II Mini Revolver Package

Enter To Win New Amazing Prizes Every Month

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

Big Bore Belly Guns Part III

Local gun shops are great places to find Big Bore Belly Guns and two worth looking for are the out-of-production Smith & Wesson L-Frame .44 Specials
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Umarex Origin .22 Air...

Pre-charged Pneumatic (PCP) rifles are the Ferarri Enzo of the air rifle world. What’s not to love?
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Steven Model 555

The Sixteen gauge is a sleeper but the “forgotten gauge” may be clawing its way back from undeserved exile in a number of shotgun production lines.
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Buck Auto Impact

Buck Knives introduced their new, upscale Legacy series for 2021 and one entree really caught my eye.
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Snow Globes, Sixguns &...

They were calling for a skiff of snow during the wee hours of the morning and tomorrow was the last day of the firearms season.
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Binoculars versus boneheads

Over the years, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to use binoculars and spotting scopes. Today’s models, no matter who makes them, are the best optics...
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how to accurize the 1911
How To Accurize...

There are lots of theories and ideas on how to accurize a 1911 but in today's post-Turkey-Day episode, we talk to Roy Huntington and learn some of the real...
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photo of team tactics training
Team Tactics:...

Team tactics aren't just for military door-kickers or SWAT cops. Guest Erick Gelhaus talks about why everyday citizens need to learn the techniques of...
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image of tool kit with text that reads
Firearm Repair:...

Do you work on guns with the proper tools and after formal training? Or do you just "wing it"? If wingin' it seems like the better idea, you might just be a...
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