Taurus .357 Magnum Raging Hunter

A New Level Of Revolver Accuracy Defined

Trail-Bossin' Trappers

Pack A Light Lunch In Your Levergun

The Nighthawk Custom Agent 2

Save The Planet... And Look Good Doing It!

The Essential Optic

Bino-Truism: More Magnification Isn't Always Better

Daniel Defense Delta 5

Because Sometimes Too Much — Is Just Right

Black Rain's ION 9

The Future Of Pistol-Caliber Carbines?

Legacy Sports Pointer Phenoma


Ruger 10/22 Custom Competition

A New Edge For The Bread-And-Butter Rimfire


Taurus Has A New 9mm And It Looks Like A Winner

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to test and evaluate a number of Taurus handguns, including revolvers from .38 Special to .44 Magnum, and semi-autos ranging upwards from 9mm to .45 ACP.
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Industry News

Violent crime,...

Earlier this month, Insider Online got hold of the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2018, and among the revelations is the slight decline in firearm-related...
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Meet Robyn...

It’s not a “new” story; so many others have told similar stories before, had the same experiences and something of an epiphany about guns. But, in...
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Unhappy New Year!

In case you didn’t get the memo, there is no “holiday cheer” among gun prohibitionists toward the tens of millions of law-abiding American gun owners...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

Snake Snubbie

It is said St. Patrick ran all the snakes out of Ireland. However, he has nothing on whoever removed the “sixgun snakes” from the Colt stable. But what...
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Tried And True

On an inspection tour of the gun room recently, checking to see all was well and no rust gremlins had managed to sneak in, it suddenly struck me I’ve been...
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Remington Model 31

It’s steep and rocky in southern Idaho — and today it was cold. I hadn’t gotten 100 yards from the truck when I was already out of breath. “Why do I...
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GUNS 2019 Gift Guide

Yep, it’s time to start thinking about all the good little boys and girls in your life and what they’d like to see on Christmas morning so here are 10...
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New Products...

The TP9 Elite Combat Executive is based on the 2019 TP9 Elite Combat but with upgrades from Salient Arms International.
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Best Elk Cartridge?

Until you’re fortunate enough to shoot at an elk, the cartridge in your rifle matters no more than the size of your boots. As elk can be devilishly hard...
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Bear & Son Retro...

Back when I was a whole lot younger there wasn’t much variety in lockback pocketknives. Well, at least not nearly as much as there is today. The reigning...
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Firebird ...

Reactive targets have been around for a while. Typically, they require a spot of mixing along with a high-velocity rifle to ensure dramatic detonation. Once...
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Airsoft — The...

The last few years have witnessed an unprecedented growth in the rise of airguns in the role of firearm trainers. At the forefront of this training wave are...
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Weatherby Vanguard Weatherguard Rifle
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