• Dan Wesson DWX 9mm

    The Dan Wesson DWX is the classic hybrid. Taking the good stuff from the Czech CZ75 and mixing it in with the secret sauce from John Moses Browning’s archetypal single-action...

  • A Jump Ahead

    On appearance alone, the FG42 belongs atop the list of “unique and unforgettable” arms. Once you handle one, you’ll never forget it either—even just the semi-auto...

  • Bowen Classic Arms

    Hamilton Bowen is a cherished friend, a benchmark leader in custom revolver building, witty, and — dare I say it — even charming at times.

  • Henry Homesteader

    I knew I was going to like Henry’s Homesteader Carbine the moment I laid eyes on her. It was all blued steel and walnut and looking dangerously like one of my all-time...

  • Colt King Cobra .22 LR

    We all have them, want them, need them or simply aspire to own them. The demand for our attention that a .22 revolver provokes can border on an obsession for some, wishful...

Falco D901 Hybrid Roto Shoulder Holster

FALCO Hybrid Roto Shoulder Holster

The Falco Hybrid Roto Shoulder Holster features an...

The Magnum Opus Handgun by MachineMind Munitions

The Magnum Opus Handgun By MachineMind Munitions

Prepare to be captivated by the epitome of luxury and...

Black Hills Ammunition 300 PRC ELD-X

Black Hills 300 PRC ELD-X & ELD Match

Black Hills Ammunition is now loading 300 PRC (Precision...

Freedom Arms Model 1997

In 1997 Freedom Arms introduced their “90 percent gun,” the smaller, and thus easier packin’, easier shooting, Model 97.
Read Full Article John Taffin
Burris Fastfire C Reflex Sight

We all want the top-of-the-line sights for our top-of-the-line pistol, but after we finish lying about it to our gun buddies, we go home and start shopping...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Two More On The Right Side

Last month saw two more states — Louisiana and South Carolina — join the ranks of those jurisdictions where “Constitutional Carry” is the law, and...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Loading For Percussion Sixguns

There are five basic models of Dragoon originally produced in the short time frame from 1847 to around 1850. First came the Walker, which was improved...
Read Full Article John Taffin
Thompson Customization

By the summer of 1934, life was getting tough for John Dillinger. The fame he had so vigorously courted now threatened to literally kill him. J. Edgar...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Special Guns

For many gun buyers, the lure of getting guns with special stories or pairs with consecutive serial numbers is irresistible. My good friend, Kirk Stovall of...
Read Full Article Mike "Duke" Venturino
All Choked Up

I only had a second to admire Cider’s point near the alders. I figured he nailed a woodcock and loaded for that small bird but the explosive whirring of...
Read Full Article Tom Keer
S&W Model 52

Today, most of us are pretty familiar with revolvers chambered for cartridges normally reserved for semi-autos.
Read Full Article Clayton Walker
Too Much Of A Good Thing?

While the .44 Magnum can no longer claim to be the world’s most powerful handgun, it remains the standard against which other magnums and wannabes are...
Read Full Article Charles Petty
Shooting With The Shakes

When the feces hit the rotating oscillator and your body is not cooperating with what you need it to do, it’s good to be able to say to yourself,...
Read Full Article Massad Ayoob

Shadow Systems
Foundation Series CR920

Enter To Win New Amazing Prizes Every Month

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

Going Full-Bore

Smith & Wesson’s Shield variation of their polymer-framed, striker-fired Military & Police series had already sold a million units.
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MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle

Amidst a sea of Modern Sporting Rifles, the SIG MCX Virtus Patrol Rifle is refreshingly different. It is, in fact, so novel it’s almost not an AR.
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Remington 870 Tactical DM

“BANG! Ouch! BANG! Wow-owwww! BANG! Jeez oh Pete …” This real-life quote from the shooting range highlights my recent willful violation of the first...
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Northern Precision’s ...

The .405 Winchester was designed in 1904 for the Winchester 1895 lever gun.
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Alliant’s Red Dot and...

For most of my 62 years of Handloading/Reloading, I have leaned to the heavy side of loads.
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Glove Up!

I’ve finally come around — I believe in gloves for shooters. Not only do they save wear and tear on my hands, but they’ve provided a few more...
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yellow text on dark background that reads
Bug Out Bags for...

It's a great idea to have a bug out bag, but if you look to videos and the internet for ideas, you'll quickly get overwhelmed. In this episode, GUNS...
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yellow text on dark background that reads
How To Keep Your...

Roy Huntington gives hard-earned advice on how to work with your gunsmith, plus shares a special announcement!
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Peep Sights: Why...

Andy Larsson, owner of Skinner Sights, has probably done more to promote aperture sights than John Moses Browning! In this episode, he explains why peep...
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