No Limits

EAA’s 10mm Witness Limited Joins
The Pantheon Of Perfect Packin’ Pistols

Springfield Armory Saint Victor .308 Pistol

Power And Accuracy In A Small Package

Rock Island Armory STK100 9mm

Alloy Frame Stability, Hi-Cap Functionality

The Wraith 10mm

Dan Wesson Gives The 1911 Platform A Serious Energy Boost

Daniel Defense Delta 5

Because Sometimes Too Much — Is Just Right

A Generational Advance

“The Gen5 Glock 19 Arrives With Very
Worthwhile Enhancement"
Silver Stag Random Point

Many who appreciate finery in a knife will tell you nothing stirs the soul like the old world blend of Stag and Damascus.
Read Full Article Pat Covert
60 Years Of Plinkin'

The word “Plinking” — more commonly heard as “plinkin’” — is an onomatopoeia, a fancy term for a word which sounds like what it means.
Read Full Article David Freeman
Cold Steel Crawford 1

I’ve got a lot of relatively inexpensive knives along with a couple of high-dollar beauties but I’d have to say the Cold Steel Crawford 1 hits a nice...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Short-Barrel Cartridge Conversions

In 1856 Smith & Wesson entered into an agreement with Rollin White who held the patent on revolvers with bored-through cylinders.
Read Full Article John Taffin
White Hunter Obsession knife

I may have been the ripe old age of 12 the first time I saw an advertisement in an outdoor periodical touting a German-made knife called the “White...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
New Federal Challenge to Assault...

A recently-filed federal lawsuit challenging a ban on so-called “assault weapons” just might be the complaint that makes its way through the court...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Prediction Mishaps and Critter Removal

Our resident Cranks – Brent Wheat, Tom McHale & Roy Huntington welcome a special guest, FMG Publications Digital Editor Serena Juchnowski who tells of her...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
New Configurations from Savage

Sometimes you just want something a little bit different. You like the gun, but something needs customized, adjusted or changed. “It would be perfect...
Read Full Article Serena Juchnowski
The LeMat's Grapeshot' Revolver

The life, exploits and intrigue of Dr. Alexander LeMat would take a TV mini-series to tell.
Read Full Article Alan Garbers
50 Years of Gun ’Ritin’

Hopefully I’ll be able to slide this column by our esteemed editor Brent without him noticing it’s a bit ego-based.
Read Full Article Mike "Duke" Venturino

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

The Glock 44

Since the 1983 debut of the G17, GLOCK has sold 18 million auto pistols, all centerfires. Now, with the G44, they have finally brought out a factory .22.
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Ruger Gunsite Scout

Colonel Jeff Cooper is probably most remembered for the development of the Modern Technique of the Pistol along with the American Pistol Institute, now...
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Few guns achieve cult status overnight, but the introduction of Benelli’s Super Black Eagle to the American market changed it all in 1991.
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No Motion Pictures!

The bull had dropped right away. The sharp image of crosswire on rib had yielded to the brief but violent blur of recoil.
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Chest Is Best For Big Guns

Whether haulin’ hoglegs, or heavy hammers of any persuasion, chest is best for your handgun rig! Anyone who’s carried a heavy handgun knows this!
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Research has shown the Colt SAA (Single Action Army) has been chambered for about 30 cartridges ranging from .22 to .476 Eley during its on-again/off-again...
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Cape Buffalo...

OK — it wouldn't be smart to hunt Cape Buffalo with a BB gun but some folks have done it — successfully — with an air rifle. In today's episode, we...
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The One Gun...

Whether you're talking training, pest control or just sheer fun, a .22 pistol is arguably the one gun everyone should have. In today's episode, host Brent...
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Getting Started...

Cowboy Action Shooting — some of the most fun you can have while wearing spurs, a saloon-girl outfit, or an undertaker's suit!  In this episode we talk...
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