The Tippmann Armory Gatling 9mm Gun

Beware Of Naked Gun Guys!

Henry .45-70 Side Gate Lever Action

Beauty And Brawn For Serious Shooting

Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm

Portable Power Perfected

No Motion Pictures!

Still life is always best

Cimarron S&W No. 3 American

Historically Accurate, Impeccably Crafted .45 Colt

Springfield Armory XD-M Elite OSP

The Top-Tier Tactical Tool
‘Pipsqueaks’ for Personal...

My dad once told me about a fellow who was shot in the kneecap with a .22 Long Rifle handgun in self-defense.
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Springfield XD-M Elite 3.8
Springfield Adds Optics-Ready XD-M...

It’s been a difficult year-plus for firearm manufacturers, but that hasn't stopped Springfield Armory from introducing new models of popular firearms,...
Read Full Article Joe Kriz
New SIG SAUER Custom Knives from SOG

SIG SAUER has long partnered with popular knife makers, like Kershaw and Hogue, to produce branded blades. New for 2021, SIG has introduced four new knife...
Read Full Article Joe Kriz
New Products July 2021 Issue

Lone Wolf Arms introduces the Lightweight Tactical Defense (LTD) Pistol Line.
Read Full Article GUNS Staff
The Best Camps — and lessons —...

My young family never cared much for going camping, because I liked to rough it and still do.
Read Full Article Dave Workman
PrOlix Xtra-t Dry Lube

Xtra-T Dry Lube is the companion piece to PrOlix Lubricant. I do have to point out to the PrOlix folks having a cleaner/lube and a dry lube
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Ode To A Boondocking Gun

I saw the two green points shining back at me in the beam of the headlamp I’d just turned on — but it wasn’t until I made out the dark bulk behind...
Read Full Article Jeremy Clough
Supreme Court Earthquake

For the first time in more than a decade, the U.S. Supreme Court announced it will take a Second Amendment case for review — and it has caused nothing...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Böker Rangebuster

One of the oldest members of the traditional pocketknife family, the Sodbuster has a foggy past.
Read Full Article Pat Covert
Model 99 Savage: Heirloom and Keepsake

My grandfather was a quiet fellow with the patience that comes only after years of challenges;
Read Full Article Dave Workman

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

The .357 Magnum...

In the 1950s when the sixgun was still supreme among peace officers, there were many who asked for a less expensive .357 Magnum. The 1954 result was the...
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In Praise of the...

My .257 Weatherby, that is. Actually, I like the .257 for hunting in most locations, but I associate it most with Africa
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Too often “gun guys” analyze survival scenarios from a gear-centric point of view. The pros/cons of certain weapon systems are debated, along with...
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High-Tech Airgun...

“You can train at home with airguns” is one of those pithy comments passed along like the eggplant soufflé at a family reunion dinner but it’s true.
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6.5/300 ...

Any rifle loony who’s spent much time awake in the 21st Century knows the 6.5mm dominates new cartridge development these days.
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The DiamondBlade Knives Surge may look traditional as hunting knives go — and it is — but its blade features advanced, space-age technology compared to...
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Guns Podcast
So You've Been...

Most shooters nowadays have some familiarity with the emergency treatment of gunshot wounds (GSW). Going further, Host Brent T. Wheat talks with Emergency...
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The Gun Cranks...

As usual, the end of the month convenes with another meeting of the Gun Cranks. Brent, Tom and Roy talk about their new Gun Cranks YouTube channel,...
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Did Derek...

The controversial Derek Chauvin case concluded this week resulting in a guilty verdict for the death of George Floyd. However, among unbiased observers,...
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