Springfield Armory
M1A Tanker

Information Age Awesome, Classic Cool

TPM Outfitters H&K MP5SD Clone

Trigger Time On The Alpha Predator

TMT Tactical Glock Makeover

Making A Factory Gun Your Own

Classic Shots From Classic Films

Can Life Imitate Art?

Kahr Arms K9 25th Anniversary

Celebrating The Single-Stack Revolution

Federal Launches New Custom Shop

America’s largest ammunition manufacturer goes small

Mossberg Patriot
Synthetic .308

Style, Accuracy And Affordability In A Black Package

Taurus .357 Magnum Raging Hunter

A New Level Of Revolver Accuracy Defined

Trail-Bossin' Trappers

Pack A Light Lunch In Your Levergun

The Nighthawk Custom Agent 2

Save The Planet... And Look Good Doing It!

The Essential Optic

Bino-Truism: More Magnification Isn't Always Better


Guns We Want to See at SHOT Show

Just days away from the 2020 SHOT Show, we can't help but drool thinking about all the new guns we'll get to shoot, handle and see throughout the week.
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Industry News

Five Seconds, 15...

By now, every self-styled self-defense expert on social media — and some genuine ones — have had a chance to weigh in on the incident at the West...
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The Dirty Little...

Last year, California enacted a requirement for background checks before purchasing ammunition. In the first four months of the program, the establishment...
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Happy New Year,...

We made it through another one, but now things are going to get a lot more interesting. Virginia’s General Assembly is now firmly controlled by anti-gun...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

Taurus G3

On the day Taurus officially announced their new G3 pistol, one of my grandsons was turning 16 and put together a shooting adventure with some of his...
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Ruger 'Go Wild'...

Yeah, I said it. Even “girls” can use a .300 WM — and so can senior “boys,” other shooters in general, youngsters and anyone else who hates to be...
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Mossberg 590A1...

Back before the colors of Flat Dark Earth, Ranger Green, Coyote, camouflage du jour, etc., all the cool kids used Scorched Earth, also commonly called Black.
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Oldies Aren’t...

While new and more astonishing riflescopes appear every day, many shooters prefer much older ones. Sometimes they have an older rifle, maybe an all-original...
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New Products...

The Recon Tactical is Wilson Combat’s vision of “a practical AR for rigorous tactical training, hardcore hunting or all-purpose field applications.”
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Today we’re blessed with a multitude of LED flashlights for every need which is why I was underwhelmed when the Streamlight Polytac HP flashlight was...
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60 Years Of...

I didn’t have to try to decide whether or not a single action was suitable for defense; it was simply all I had to choose from. My choices in that first...
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Comfort &...

Let’s face it, carrying a concealed handgun can be inconvenient. Maybe it requires one more garment than you want on a hot day.
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Pros And Cons Of...

The AR-15 has become so publicized, dramatized, politicized and demonized, it’s hard to discuss rationally.
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