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The Benelli Vinci

I can still recall the considerable splash Benelli’s seriously unconventional Vinci shotgun made on its 2009 introduction.
Read Full Article Payton Miller
Remington Model 30

Our story begins back in the Boer War of 1899. In their skirmishes with the South African republics, and despite the sizable numeric differences in their...
Read Full Article Clayton Walker
Bob Dozier EDC

If given the choice to overbuild a knife or not, Arkansas custom knifemaker Bob Dozier is going to overbuild it every time. His fixed-blades were always...
Read Full Article Pat Covert
True Gun Reform

The gun prohibition lobby — and make no mistake, it is prohibition they’re after — is fond of demanding “gun reform” and “gun safety laws”...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Bear Guns For Elk Country

The weather was turning when Two Pony and his partner set out to retrieve strays from a remote canyon. They got most of the animals headed downcountry...
Read Full Article Wayne van Zwoll
Rubber Dummies

I love an idea that turns into a successful family business! As a lifetime shooter, Mike Lessnick wanted a realistic 3D target that could be shot thousands...
Read Full Article Roy Huntington
The Long, Short And Round Of It

One of my colleagues in Florida who has been a semi-auto guy probably from day one admits he’s not that adept with a wheelgun, which is fine, because...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Then And Now

For rifle enthusiasts, these are the best of times as we have an amazing array of rifles, scopes, cartridges and bullets. The first deer hunting I did was...
Read Full Article Dave Anderson
black powder for self defense
Black Powder For Self-Defense?

Steam locomotives were a cool thing, and they're still around to some extent as tourist attractions, but there are better ways to move trains. GUNS Magazine...
Read Full Article GUNS Staff
(Gun) Fit Is It

Once upon a time, and not so long ago, you wouldn’t have one in your safe. Gun stocks were shaped like the working end of a hockey stick. They were...
Read Full Article Tom Keer

Franklin Armory F17-L
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Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

S&W's Model 460XVR

All arguments about which is the most powerful revolver became moot in 2003 when Smith & Wesson introduced the X-Frame .500 S&W Magnum with the capability...
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Winchester’s Model 75

Few vintage .22s have the legendary reputation for tack-driving accuracy as Winchester’s Model 52.
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The Super Vinci

The Super Vinci is the latest in a long line of Benelli semi-automatic shotguns designed around a relatively simple, lightweight and supposedly foolproof...
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SOG Flash MT Multi-tool

SOG Knives carved out a nice slice of the multi-tool market when they focused on equipping our military personnel back during the conflicts in the Middle East.
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Black Powder Cartridges...

The .45 Colt cartridge consists of a 250- to 255-grain bullet over 40 grains of black powder, at least according to the prevailing wisdom.
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Northern Precision’s ...

The .405 Winchester was designed in 1904 for the Winchester 1895 lever gun.
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picture of short-nosed revolver next to yellow text that reads
Snubbies: For...

Short-barreled revolvers are great — in the right hands.  However, those hands need to belong to an experienced shooter. In this episode, Roy Huntington...
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yellow text that reads
Travel Safety...

Roy Huntington is a world traveler, and he just returned from Italy. In this episode, he shares great tips for safer travel and shares the story of how he...
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yellow text that reads
Beyond "Shoot/No...

Erick Gelhaus discusses the recent "Cognitive Conference" and how shooters got to experience the challenges of thinking — instead of reacting — during...
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