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Making A Factory Gun Your Own

Classic Shots From Classic Films

Can Life Imitate Art?

Kahr Arms K9 25th Anniversary

Celebrating The Single-Stack Revolution

Federal Launches New Custom Shop

America’s largest ammunition manufacturer goes small

Mossberg Patriot
Synthetic .308

Style, Accuracy And Affordability In A Black Package

Taurus .357 Magnum Raging Hunter

A New Level Of Revolver Accuracy Defined

Trail-Bossin' Trappers

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Bino-Truism: More Magnification Isn't Always Better

Daniel Defense Delta 5

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Henry Side Gate Lever Action .410

We’ve heard from people who think the .410 bore is a poor choice for wingshooters — an opinion with which we wholeheartedly disagree. From the early days in the last century when the cartridge put many dinners in the pot for Depression-era families to...
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Industry News

Setting the...

In the month since former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire anti-gunner, jumped into the Democratic race for president,
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News Flash: You...

The late Neal Knox used to open every speech, every public appearance, with a trademark greeting — “Hello, Gun Lobby!”
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Fighting Back:...

Hollywood couldn’t make this up: a David v. Goliath drama pitting grassroots gun owners against a billionaire-backed lobbying group, an unfriendly...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

.40 S&W: Dead...

There’s a popular meme on the Internet today — “Is the .40 S&W dead?” It comes from the tidal wave of police departments trading in their .40s for...
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Ruger PC9 Carbine

Because paychecks are important, when an editor asks me to cover a semi-auto black rifle, I agree albeit with little enthusiasm. The same was true with this...
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A Refined Autoloader

When you want to build a no-holds-barred competition firearm, go ask the leading competitors, right? That’s exactly what Mossberg has done to give us a...
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Real Avid Smart...

I recently received a set of Real Avid gun tool products and greeted it with a figurative yawn. Shortly thereafter my lack of enthusiasm became embarrassing...
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New Products...

Springfield Armory Hellcat Holsters from CrossBreed have been made available to coincide with the launch of the new 9mm pistol. IWB holsters for the Hellcat...
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Skeeter-ize Your...

Skeeter Skelton was born in 1928, served in the Marine Corps and joined the Amarillo Police Department in 1949. In 1951 he joined the Border Patrol and...
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Make Mine A 1911

In 1911 the airplane was less than 10 years old, Henry Ford was making cars and Chevrolet had tooled-up to compete with him — but when is the last time...
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Understudy Guns

My predecessor as Handgun Editor here at GUNS was Jan Stevenson, who the late George Nonte called the most articulate of gun writers. I think George was...
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The Perfect...

My passion for most of my life has been sixguns but not far behind this is the same feeling for leverguns. Now, at this stage of my life, I am expanding my...
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