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Quiet Zone

Is CZ's Suppressor-Ready P-10C The Peak Of 9mm Evolution?

Big Gun, Little Gun

S&W’s M19 Classic, Carry Comp & Performance Center 686

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SIG Re-imagines Stoner’s Legendary Black Rifle
The Zen of Combat: Soft Skills | GMP #90

"Soft Skills" are the things we should be doing prior to combat, to perhaps avoid a fight altogether.  In this episode we talk to Steve Tarani,...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Handloading the .45 ACP Part V

Today’s latest idea in bullets is powder coating. Several companies offer powder-coated bullets and it’s pretty easy as a do-it-yourself project.
Read Full Article John Taffin

The 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics open this Friday, bumped back a full year due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Fan Mail!

Find out what FMG's fans really think!
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Teach Your Children Well

We’re two months away from an important election, in Virginia, where gun rights activists in the Old Dominion will — in theory anyway
Read Full Article Dave Workman
How I learned to love rimfire...

My longtime buddy Dick Burnett coined the phrase “lead hose” in reference to the Ruger 10/22 semiautomatic rifle, a .22-caliber prize quite possibly the...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
"Throwing Down" With The SAA

My wife refuses to watch westerns with me. Why? I pick apart details in the show. If John Wayne is shooting a Winchester ’92 and the story is set in 1866,...
Read Full Article Alan Garbers
Packing A Lightweight Isn’t Wimpy!

If the eyes are the windows of our very soul, the gun we carry is an extension of our defensive cognition.
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
Rifle Recoil

What are the single biggest obstacles to accurate rifle shooting? Recoil and muzzle blast! If rifles didn’t kick and make a deafening noise,
Read Full Article Dave Anderson
Iron Horse Firearms Sentry 12 Shotgun

An AR-style pump action shotgun? I’ve never been too intrigued with smoothbores, but certainly appreciate something designed for an easy transition from a...
Read Full Article Serena Juchnowski

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

Palmetto State Armory...

After making a name for itself in the budget-friendly AR market, Palmetto State Armory (PSA) announced it was taking a stab at the handgun market,...
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In Praise of the .257...

My .257 Weatherby, that is. Actually, I like the .257 for hunting in most locations, but I associate it most with Africa
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Legacy Sports Pointer Phenoma

I admit to being a 28-gauge enthusiast. Some call it a “magic gauge” — the perfect ballistic marriage between bore size and a 3/4 oz.
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Red Dot 101

There’s no faster sight than a red dot. However, some look like receiver sights, others like scopes. What gives?
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Reloading the .32 Magnum

When the .32 Magnum first arrived I did not take it seriously. My friend Joe Penner, who takes all the pictures of me shooting, changed this as he acquired...
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Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Plus
Smith & Wesson Announces...

During an online virtual event, Smith & Wesson announced the latest iteration of the popular M&P Shield series — the new M&P9 Shield Plus and M&P9 Shield...
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The Zen of...

"Soft Skills" are the things we should be doing prior to combat, to perhaps avoid a fight altogether.  In this episode we talk to Steve Tarani,...
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DIY Gunsmithing:...

Many people think you need a full machine shop to work on firearms but Roy Huntington disagrees. Though he owns lathes and milling machines, Roy points out...
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The DIY...

While professional firearms training is always preferable, most new shooters start their learning journey under the auspices of a friend or family...
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