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What The Lawdogs Used A Century Ago

Four For Fighting

The Greatest Quartet Of Combat Shotguns

Springfield Armroy Waypoint Rifle

Historic Name Moves Back To Bolts!

TMT Tactical Glock Makeover

Making A Factory Gun Your Own

Springfield Armory
M1A Tanker

Information Age Awesome, Classic Cool

Buying the Perfect
Spotting Scope

Does such a thing exist?

Does National Reciprocity Have a Chance?

Considering what happened earlier this month, is there any hope the 117th Congress — with Democrats now firmly in control of both the Senate and House, plus the Oval Office
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First Look

B&T Station SIX-9 Pistol
B&T Station SIX...

Codenamed the B&T Station SIX-9 (9mm) and Station SIX-45 (.45 ACP), the new integrally-suppressed, bolt-action, magazine-fed pistols trace their roots back...
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Benchmade 533BK-2 Mini Bugout with everyday carry gear
Bug Out Over 3...

Introduced in 2017, the Benchmade Bugout quickly became the quintessential everyday carry knife. New for 2021, Benchmade is giving everyday carriers and...
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Liberty Gatling Canister on Tippman Armory Gatling Gun

The coolest firearm our own Will Dabbs has ever seen, Liberty Suppressors had the audacity to make the Tippman Armory Gatling Gun even more fun with the...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

Power Plus...

The .357 Magnum first arrived in 1935 in the magnificent Smith & Wesson, which in those days was known simply as “The .357 Magnum.” Now it is the Model...
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Tippmann’s M4-22

One of the most endearing qualities of rimfire firearms is they can be fabricated to replicate just about any centerfire model. Among the most interesting...
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Too often “gun guys” analyze survival scenarios from a gear-centric point of view. The pros/cons of certain weapon systems are debated, along with...
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N8 Tactical OT2...

We all get jaded when hearing the stereotypical new product sell-points of “Versatile” and “Comfortable.”
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CRKT Overland

Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) built their company on collaborations with custom knifemakers and Boise, Idaho’s T.J. Schwarz is one of the latest.
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Weatherby ...

When Weatherby announced the 6.5-.300 cartridge in 2016 you just knew it was going to be the biggest, fastest, flattest-shooting 6.5 on the planet.
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Levergun Loads: ...

The .45 Colt arrived in the early 1870s mostly due to the fact the military would not accept the ’71-72 Open-Top .44 Colt had submitted for the trials.
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Colt Official...

Long before cops shifted to auto-pistols, there was a time — a fairly long time — when the LE market was dominated by the humble .38 caliber...
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Walther CCP M2 .380

Men and companies alike must be able to adapt in order to survive and the Walther Firearms Company has been adapting steadily ever since it started in 1886,
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Between an influx of new gun owners and shortages of everything gun-related, firearms training changed dramatically in 2020. Gunsite's Ken Campbell predicts...
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Irrational EDC |...

From carrying too much to not enough, Host Brent T. Wheat and American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale discuss their views on the right — and wrong — ways...
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Men, Women and...

Suzi Huntington shares the challenges faced by women joining the world of hunting and shooting sports, plus offers "lifesaving" advice to guys thinking...
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