Ruger 10/22 Custom Competition

A New Edge For The Bread-And-Butter Rimfire

The Essential Optic

Bino-truism: More Magnification Isn’t Always Better

Dan Wesson Vigil CCO 9mm

Vigilanti Semper: Always Vigilant…

Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm

Portable Power Perfected


Revolver or auto? These ‘Carry-friendly’ winners cover ALL bets

Remington 870 Tactical DM

Old Reliable with a speedy new twist

Springfield Armory Saint Victor .308 Pistol

Power And Accuracy In A Small Package

Big Gun, Little Gun

S&W’s M19 Classic, Carry Comp & Performance Center 686

T/C LLR 6.5 Creedmoor

Performance Center Chassis Rifle Delivers Long-Range Perfection

FN 509 Tactical

Battle-Ready Freedom Fighter


All Hail Ruger’s 10/22

News that Davidson’s, the big national firearms wholesaler, is offering an exclusive Backpacker takedown version of the legendary Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle
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First Look

Blackwater Pumps...

Starting as a world-class training organization and protective service, Blackwater Worldwide is now bringing its years of industry-defining experience to...
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Build An AR15 At...

Building an AR15 can seem like an intimidating task requiring dozens of parts — but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to White Label Armory, building ARs...
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SIG Custom Works...

Delivered just in time for the Halloween season, SIG Custom Works has reimagined the manufacturer’s Nightmare series with new blacked-out P220, P226 and...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns


Standard Manufacturing shouldered its way into the single-action revolver market a few years ago and has been romancing the shooting world ever since.
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Big-case .22...

Big-case .22 centerfires have fallen out of favor in recent years. My subjective definition of a big-case .22 is those with water capacity starting at...
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Turkey Takedown...

There’s no field sport better than turkey hunting to introduce new hunters to the skills needed to pursue big game. Keen of sight and omnivorous in his food
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.41 Mag Slugs

Like most of my obsessions, it started by thumbing through a gun magazine — certain articles grab our attention, refusing to let go.
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HAWG Holsters

Personally I like inside-the-waistband holsters best for concealed carry but there is always the problem of keeping holster and pants secure and within...
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MTM Predator ...

This isn’t a new product by any stretch but every time I head to the range for a product review, I’m so happy I own an MTM Predator Shooting Table.
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The .40-82 WCF

Naturally we clearly remember the “firsts” in our lives — first gun, first car, first date, etc.
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SIG Sauer 365 SAS

How many times have I heard this statement in my 72 years of shooting handguns? It certainly did not begin with me as I recall reading older books as a...
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Ruger PC Carbine

Carbines using the same ammunition as a pistol are nothing new, even semiautomatic carbines.
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Do You Need to...

Are confirmed kills and extensive combat or law enforcement experience required to teach shooting skills? The Guncranks discuss their criteria and why you...
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African Safari...

Continuing our conversation with Roy Huntington, Roy shares tips and helpful information ranging from the proper optics and boots to lodging and cell...
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Love And Hate...

Have a caliber or cartridge you worship? Or one you could care less about? The Guncranks talk about rounds — ranging from .22 LR to .470 Nitro Express —...
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