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Bino-truism: More Magnification Isn’t Always Better

Shadow Systems

Would You Buy A Cut-Rate Pacemaker?

Dan Wesson Vigil CCO 9mm

Vigilanti Semper: Always Vigilant...

No Limits

EAA’s 10mm Witness Limited Joins
The Pantheon Of Perfect Packin’ Pistols

Springfield Armory Saint Victor .308 Pistol

Power And Accuracy In A Small Package

Rock Island Armory STK100 9mm

Alloy Frame Stability, Hi-Cap Functionality
Earning A Nickel Finish

Assembled from an Essex receiver with a Colt slide and parts, it’s a very cool pistol but well worn. The slide to frame fit rattles, and unlike the hard...
Read Full Article Jeremy Clough
Uberti Courtney Stalking Rifle

Adolphe Uberti’s release of a proper stalking rifle, called “The Courteney,” is designed in traditional British guise to honor one of the most famous...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
Champion Duraseal Targets

Some years back I acquired three samples of the doggonedest targets I’d ever seen — a trio of long-lasting bullet stoppers from Champion made from some...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Find Your Red Dot & New Products...

The Gun Cranks reveal ways they've tested ammunition using their homemade inventions and explain what to do when you can't find the red dot.
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Henry Big Boy Classic Lever Action

Today Henry USA makes modern lever-action rifles though they still make an original true to Henry’s 1860 patterns and patents. It is virtually identical...
Read Full Article Denny Hansen
WWII Handguns

In my lifelong study of World War II history, much of the focus has been on handguns used in the immense fracas.
Read Full Article Mike "Duke" Venturino
Handloading for Medium and Large...

I have been loading for the .38 Special since 1956/57. In those early years my sixguns were a Ruger .357 Blackhawk 4-5/8" Flat-Top and a Smith & Wesson .357...
Read Full Article John Taffin
SilencerCo Releases World's First...

SilencerCo has just released the world’s first modular large bore suppressor, the Hybrid 46M. The 46M is borne from the Hybrid 46 and features modularity...
Read Full Article GUNS Staff
API Firearms Storage Bags

API Firearms Storage Bags are far better than OEM bags because the corrosion-inhibiting inner layer is encased in a much stronger, puncture-resistant outer...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Springfield Armory Ronin 10mm

This 10mm is the latest in Springfield’s successful series of well-made $849 1911 pistols. The fixed sights encompass a ledge-shaped rear to allow...
Read Full Article Massad Ayoob

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

Peacemaker Specialists...

After 50 years of buying Colt Single Action Army revolvers in many calibers and all generations, I had never actually had one custom-made to my specs.
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Weatherby Mark V...

No. You don’t need .264 bullets to hit steel plates three sheep pastures yonder, or to topple a deer. It just seems this way.
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Multi-Caliber Survival

Too often “gun guys” analyze survival scenarios from a gear-centric point of view. The pros/cons of certain weapon systems are debated, along with...
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Charter Arms ...

Let’s think outside the box here. Pocket revolvers are swell — you bet. Most are five- or six-shot and we’ve always thought of that as “enough.”...
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The ‘Other’ Trapdoor:...

Springfield Trapdoors abound at gun shows, gun shops, pawnshops and in private collections. Some are so beat up they surely were in the Indian Wars.
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The Magic of a Cartridge Belt

Since my youth spent watching TV westerns and films featuring Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Joel McCrea and Audie Murphy,
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Shoot Like a...

Whether shooting in your local pick-up league or the final stage of a national match, there are plenty of great tips in this episode from...
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How to Kill Your...

Ever wonder what you can do to help — or harm — your fine leather holster?  In this episode we talk to well-known custom holster maker 'Doc' Barranti...
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Behind the...

In a special show celebrating our 100th episode, the Gun Cranks get together and spill the dirt on all the behind-the-scenes antics of the gun writing...
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