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A Busy Week in April

If gun enthusiasts were making a film, this past April had the makings of a horror movie for Everytown for Gun Safety and other gun prohibition groups as April produced the 9th highest week (April 13-19,
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First Look

First Look Mini-Guns

I’m pleased to show you another in this series of high quality cast metal miniatures. This latest is one is the Hi-Power.
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MTM Handgun Storage

MTM offers 3-packs of clear plastic cases in two sizes to fit most handguns (up to 12" long).
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Primary Arms SLx...

GUNS Magazine editor Brent Wheat offers a First Look at the newest technology of Primary Arms including the SLx Microdot Red Dot sight and GLx 2x Prism scope.
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

Patriotic Guns

In the July issue of GUNS, we’re celebrating one of the most unique things about the United States of America — our right to keep and bear arms!
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Marlin’s 1894C...

Pistol-caliber rifles and carbines have been around as long as metallic cartridges have existed. Notable examples include the Henry (1860), Winchester 1866...
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Turkey Gun Extreme

Legacy Sports International, which imports the lines of Howa, Puma, Citadel, ISSC, Nikko Stirling and Buffalo River, has been continuously improving and...
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Safe Holstering

When I started teaching cops in 1972, they weren’t actually bad at quick draw. But Lord! Some of them looked like Barney Fife when they went to re-holster.
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Cast Your Blues Away

You recognize the signs. You’re gnashing your teeth, clenching your jaws and gulping down anger before getting to your melting point.
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Nighthawk Custom...

It’s nice when a plan comes together. Custom pistolsmith Mark Dye has worked with Nighthawk Custom Firearms to finalize his design of a completely modular...
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.22 Centerfire...

At the 2015 Safari Club International convention, my friend Phil Shoemaker — an Alaskan Master Guide known for finding big brown bears — introduced me...
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Wilson Combat...

When testing a gun, I like to shoot it under pressure. This is where you really pick up the subtleties of how it handles and performs.
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Building your...

As of this writing, we have pretty much recovered from the ammo drought of the last few years, when rimfire ammunition was in especially high demand.
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Every gun owner wants the best ammunition for their carry gun should they ever need to use it, but not every box of ammo labeled for "self-defense" or...
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Michael Bane, TV...

Best known for his work on shows such as "Shooting Gallery," Michael Bane was a mainstream, extreme sports and music journalist before becoming a print and...
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Everyday Carry...

Host Brent T. What, Roy Huntington and Tom McHale discuss everyday carry gear, including what flashlights, knives and guns are in their pockets — plus the...
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