Revolver or auto? These ‘Carry-friendly’ winners cover ALL bets

Remington 870 Tactical DM

Old Reliable with a speedy new twist

Springfield Armory Saint Victor .308 Pistol

Power And Accuracy In A Small Package

Big Gun, Little Gun

S&W’s M19 Classic, Carry Comp & Performance Center 686

T/C LLR 6.5 Creedmoor

Performance Center Chassis Rifle Delivers Long-Range Perfection

FN 509 Tactical

Battle-Ready Freedom Fighter

The Wraith 10mm

Dan Wesson Gives The 1911 Platform A Serious Energy Boost

Korth NXR .44 Magnum

The Dinosaur Slayer

Traditions Nitrofire Muzzleloader

The changing face of ‘charcoal burners’

The Tippmann Armory
Gatling 9mm Gun

Beware Of Naked Guns Guys!


Ruger's LCPII .22 LR

If you’re looking for a back-up gun, you’ve found it. If you just want a handy .22 for the trail, your pocket around the farm or to teach kids to shoot, it checks all those boxes too.
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First Look


Just one year after relocating from California to Wyoming, Weatherby is celebrating their new home with a special edition rifle that pays homage to the...
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Smith & Wesson...

The use of optics for personal defense has become increasingly popular in recent years. To meet the demand, Smith & Wesson has added new optics-ready...
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Daniel Defense...

When the Daniel Defense Delta 5 hit the market in 2018, it was the manufacturer’s first bolt-action rifle. Two years later, the rifle has been upgraded as...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

S&W's Model 340 PD

“Well,” said my shooting buddy Thomas Mackie, massaging his right hand with only a slight grimace, “now I can say I’ve done it….”
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The RPK Squad

It’s easy to write off the RPK as an uninspired solution to a thorny tactical problem. The action is standard Kalashnikov, the barrel is fixed and the...
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Browning Automatic 5

In my last two shotgun columns I wrote about John Browning’s first two shotgun designs: the lever-action Winchester 1887 and the Winchester pump-action 1897.
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Skinner Sights...

Fantasy is the catalyst responsible for many gun purchases. With lust-filled eyes, racing heart and sweaty palms, we think to ourselves, “I need that gun...
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Real Avid...

Mounting a rifle scope is one of those processes where do-it-yourself rigs and projects abound. The most commonly used procedure is to put a small level...
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Cast Bullets in...

There are several factors involved when choosing a cast bullet for use in the .44 Magnum levergun. First is Overall Length (OAL). If the bullet makes the...
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The Lone Wolf AlphaWolf Pistol Caliber Carbine represents a melding of the sensual elegance of Gene Stoner’s black rifle with the brawn of John Moses...
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The .38 WCF

People sometimes ask, “What’s your favorite gun?” Or sometimes it’s, “What’s your favorite cartridge?” I always reply, “You mean today? I...
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Keeping Up With...

“That can’t be right,” thought I, but another count yielded the same sums. Just the first 18 years of this century have coughed up 50 new centerfire...
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When Do You...

Guncranks Brent T. Wheat, Roy Huntington and Tom Mchale discuss when — and if — you should intervene in violence you witness. With many considerations...
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A self-protection expert who served on Donald Trump's pre-election protection detail, Steve Tarani shares tips on how to keep your most "precious cargo"...
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Cool Scars | GMP #44

Whether on skin or steel, scars tell a story. The Guncranks talk about the permanent, visible reminders of a life lived adventurously, or perhaps stupidly...
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