Ruger Super GP100 Competition Revolver

Revolutionizing Revolver-Tech

Savage Arms 110 Scout

This “Do It All” Concept is Alive and Thriving

Taurus TX 200 Competition

Action + Inaction = Tack Driver

Springfield Armory M1A Tanker

Information Age Awesome, Classic Cool

Traditions Nitrofire Muzzleloader Rifle

The changing face of ‘charcoal burners’

Big Gun, Little Gun

S&W’s M19 Classic, Carry Comp & Performance Center 686
Feed Your G3 For Pennies On The Dollar

The ammo shortage is no longer news and has sharply limited most of our ability to practice.
Read Full Article Jeremy Clough
Loading The 9mm

Even though a dozen or so 9mm cartridges arrived in the 20th century, today when we say “9mm” virtually everyone knows exactly which 9mm we are talking...
Read Full Article John Taffin
Henry Big Boy Steel .357 Magnum

We are blessed with a large proliferation of sixguns, semi-automatic pistols and leverguns to choose from.
Read Full Article John Taffin
Taking a Tumble: Winter is the Best...

Here we are, a month into winter, and I can think of no better time of year to head to the loading bench to reconstitute my ammunition supply. First though,...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Cold Steel 1911 Sword Cane

This latest from Cold Steel doesn’t have a cutting edge, but is a brawny length of fluted 10mm 4116 stainless steel guaranteed to punch a .40 caliber hole...
Read Full Article Roy Huntington
Pawn Shop Sniper Rifle

Most noteworthy is K98k Mausers coded bcd4 were intended from the very start of manufacture to become sniper rifles.
Read Full Article Mike "Duke" Venturino
The Lightweight 9mm 1911

Along about 1950, Colt debuted the first American-made pistol in 9mm Luger. Colt figured the 1911 could be so chambered and lightened to boot. The result...
Read Full Article Massad Ayoob
Who Needs A Revolver Barrel?

The chamber holding the cartridge is part of the barrel for rifles, shotguns and handguns aside from revolvers. Revolvers separate the chamber and the...
Read Full Article Brad Miller
Gun Cranks: It's The New Year With...

The Gun Cranks ring in the New Year by flying with their guns, debating whether it's a smart idea to use reloads for personal defense and finding those...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Big Bore Belly Guns Part II

A Big Bore Belly Gun I yearned after for a long time was a Fitz Special. The last time I saw the late Col. Rex Applegate, I was accorded the rare privilege...
Read Full Article John Taffin

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

Lucky 7

There are three grades of shootability in the shootin’ irons available from Smith & Wesson. The standard production grade has set a standard of excellence...
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Ruger African 9.3x62

As time ticks by, common guns lose their shine and we want something different. Something to put the green-eyed monster in friends’ eyes, making them wish...
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Legacy Sports Pointer Phenoma

I admit to being a 28-gauge enthusiast. Some call it a “magic gauge” — the perfect ballistic marriage between bore size and a 3/4 oz.
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Ruger SA Spruce-Up

We all have our favorite shooters — you know, the ones we keep handy and holstered, ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. After years and thousands of...
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The .45 Auto Rim

What do you do when you find yourself at war without either the needed weapons nor the ability to produce them as fast as you need them? The answer? Improvise.
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Shockingly Carryable

Guns can be expensive, difficult to master and uncomfortable to sit on during a long car trip. The point of all this inconvenience is the capacity to...
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Choosing the...

It's the hottest trend in firearms: "Micro" 9mm's.  These small, enhanced-capacity handguns —many with red dot optic-options — are taking the market by...
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Where the Mildew...

If you're a guy (possibly a gal, but this was pretty much a guys-only thing) of a certain age, you undoubtedly have deep, fond memories for the corner...
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The Gun Industry...

Everybody is talking about "Supply Chain" issues today but have you ever wondered how a gun or ammo actually gets into your hand?  In today's episode, host...
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