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Survival Kit Essentials

If you ask Google for survival kit content lists, it’ll come up with well over 80 million hits. Most of the lists are nearly identical. Almost all of them will be some variation of the following:
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Prepping For...

Thanks to some of the sensationalistic “reality” shows aired in recent years, the word “prepper” often conjures up visions of eccentric...
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You've Stored...

You will not rise to the occasion — you will default to the highest level of training you have mastered. Skills are needed in a survival situation.
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Tornados, wildfires, chemical spills, floods, blizzards, hurricanes, ice storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, civil unrest, flu pandemic; the list goes on.
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I own more “tactical” flashlights than I can count and have gone through even more. I even lost one on a trek back in the Okanogan wilds of the North...
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Old guys like me are often rumored to burn through a lot of ammunition just to maintain an edge, and younger high-volume handgunners just love to keep up.
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Chiappa Little...

Whether natural disaster, economic collapse or worldwide pandemic, you never know when you may need to leave home. And there's perhaps no single better...
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Industry News

Guns, Ammo &...

It’s never been clear why so many people who panicked over the spread of COVID-19 — aka coronavirus — rushed to grocery stores to buy all the paper...
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Guide to the...

The Democratic National Convention will be held July 13-16 at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the destination is deliberately political.
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At Least We Know...

From the moment Joe Biden he was putting anti-gunner and former Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke in as point man on his firearm policy, it...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

The King of Sixguns

If the truth be told, I would not be afraid to bet there are more .44 Magnums sold than all the rest of the more powerful sixguns combined.
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Thus begins what is, in my opinion, history’s greatest piece of literature.
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Left Turn

What do notables like Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Alexander the Great, Beethoven, John D. Rockefeller, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin have in...
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CCW Breakaways

I love playing with firearms, but I hate carrying them and have tried most every conceivable carry option.
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New Products...

The Model 2020 K6s is an OWB Holster for the Kimber K6s. Handcrafted from fine American leather, the holster is contoured to the hip for comfort and...
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Glass Plus Iron

While most bolt-action rifles don’t even come with iron sights anymore, some hunters still like to combine a quick-detachable scope with irons. Before...
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FX Pocket...

I’ve been using a nifty little, and I do mean little, device from the folks at FX Airguns to measure velocity of various air rifles and handguns.
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Minutes, Mils...

As the trigger broke, the slope gave way. My bullet sailed a foot high as I wind-milled like Charlie Chaplin on ice to keep my feet. The elk, 40 steps off,...
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Pistol Cartridge...

Almost simultaneous with the appearance of metallic cartridges there came a firearms genre popular to this day — the pistol cartridge carbine.
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Quarantine doesn't mean we can't still have a good time. Host Brent T. Wheat and GUNS/American Handgunner Publisher Roy Huntington discuss three fun...
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Rob Jones,...

GUNS Magazine Staff Photographer and one of the firearm industry's leading lensman, Rob Jones' work has graced major catalogs and magazines, but he hasn't...
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Pandemic Panic |...

Cool, calm and collected Host Brent T. Wheat shares his thoughts on self-reliance, news media misinformation and buying a gun for self-protection during the...
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