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An Alaskan pro gives something to “bear in mind”

Rate Your Own Optics

Field Testing: Trust And Verify? Or Just Trust?

Rate Your Own Optics

Field Testing: Trust And Verify? Or Just Trust?

Guncrafter Industries Executive Series

Re-Imagineering The CZ 75 As A Custom

Black Rain's Ion 9

The Future Of Pistol-Caliber Carbines?

Ruger 10/22 Custom Competition

A New Edge For The Bread-And-Butter Rimfire

The Essential Optic

Bino-truism: More Magnification Isn’t Always Better

Dan Wesson Vigil CCO 9mm

Vigilanti Semper: Always Vigilant…

Springfield Armory XD(M) 10mm

Portable Power Perfected


Revolver or auto? These ‘Carry-friendly’ winners cover ALL bets


New Jersey ‘Regulatory Scheme’ Draws Federal Lawsuit

For years, law-abiding gun owners in New Jersey have been treated ruefully by state lawmakers and the officials responsible for issuing permits to carry,
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First Look

Henry Announces...

Out with the old and in with the new, Henry Repeating Arms is launching 29 new rifle and shotgun models for 2021 — the largest product announcement in...
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PHLster Enigma:...

Two years in the making, the new PHLster Enigma is neither a belt nor a belly band, but a concealment chassis composed of a winged faceplate, adjustable...
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A modern take on the Model 110, the Savage Backcounty Xtreme Series — including new 110 Timberline and 110 Ultralite Camo — was designed with today’s...
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

Ruger Model 57

What’s in a number? There was a time in ancient history, and for some people still today, when numbers were thought to be mystical.
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Speed Racer

While bolt-action rifles have largely been superseded for military use, they dominate the hunting fields.
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Benelli's Bird...

Few guns achieve cult status overnight, but the introduction of Benelli’s Super Black Eagle to the American market changed it all in 1991.
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After 50 years of buying Colt Single Action Army revolvers in many calibers and all generations, I had never actually had one custom-made to my specs.
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Spyderco Swayback

The Swayback is a traditional pocketknife pattern that stumps some when they first behold it.
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Optical Dynamics...

I’ve reviewed dozens of lighting devices over the years but I’m finally going to make a surprising declaration: The OD40 is unlike any flashlight I’ve...
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Rethinking things

Teaching firearms and deadly force has been my primary occupation for a few decades now. One thing I’ve learned is this:
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Why Airguns?...

You know it’s gonna be a great day when the ring of freedom sounds an awful lot like your front doorbell. The other day when mine rang, I answered the...
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The Teleology Of...

The Human Genome Project is the largest collaborative biological research effort in human history.
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BLM, Antifa &...

It's been a tough year for all, especially cops. With criticism coming from all corners, police officers and law enforcement agencies are under fire —...
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Best or Bust:...

A huge point of contention in the shooting world, the Guncranks share their opinions about red dots and how old dogs can learn new tricks with the...
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Facing an...

With 30 safaris on six continents under his belt, our own Mark Hampton has traveled the globe in search of adventure, new experiences and exotic game, yet...
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