Springfield Armory Saint Victor .308 Pistol


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Springfield Armory Saint Victor .308 Pistol

Power And Accuracy In A Small Package
2020 FBI Crime Report Reveals Gun...

The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2020 revealed defunding police departments and reducing the number of cops on the beat results in higher crime. The body...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Clamtainer See-in Storage Containers

Let’s be honest — these are a beefier version of the clear plastic “clamshell” containers all sorts of products from bolts to buttons are sold in today.
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Gun Cleaning: Five Things You're...

Gun cleaning is largely a personal preference. Some have their favorite concoction or the only thing they’ll ever let touch their gun. Others don’t care.
Read Full Article Serena Juchnowski
2021 GUNS Gift Guide

It’s always tough to sift through the countless new products to compile the annual GUNS Christmas Gift Guide.
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Hercules 2400

Somewhere in my collection of reloading manuals dating back some four decades is an old Speer manual — the first one I ever owned when I began reloading...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
The Krag M98

As the United States service rifle, the Norwegian-designed Krag-Jorgensen was produced at the Springfield Armory from 1894 to 1904.
Read Full Article Payton Miller
Is Your Scope Square?

Long ago I shot rimfire matches with a friend whose offhand position put the rifle in a steep cant.
Read Full Article Wayne van Zwoll
Acebeam L19 Hunting Flashlight

Using special optical-design lenses and reflector, the Acebeam L19 flashlight takes the LED light source and focuses it into a white-hot 1650-lumen...
Read Full Article GUNS Staff
Wanted: Blanks In Obsolete Calibers

I soon learned loading blank ammunition isn’t an arcane craft, but it does require some special tools and sometimes a little imagination. Guns are...
Read Full Article Frank Jardim
Grenades for Jehovah's Witnesses

I bought my first two machineguns on my 21st birthday. They joined an already not-insubstantial collection of scary black guns.
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

Nighthawk Custom’s Colt...

No matter what anyone thinks of the basic Model 1911 pistol, its track record is the gold standard.
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Kronos Semi-Automatic Rifle

Before the emergence of numerous AR-platform hunting rifles in serious large-game calibers, the universe for semi-auto hunters was pretty small.
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Steven Model 555

The Sixteen gauge is a sleeper but the “forgotten gauge” may be clawing its way back from undeserved exile in a number of shotgun production lines.
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Spyderco Swayback

The Swayback is a traditional pocketknife pattern that stumps some when they first behold it.
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Lapua and SK Rimfire Ammo

I tend to collect rimfire ammo like John Taffin collects six shooters. In recent years I’ve enjoyed shooting .22s more and more, and love to try different...
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Taurus G3 T.O.R.O.

These are indeed great days for shooters! Guns are more accurate, many are less expensive, and we have a plethora of aftermarket sights from which to choose.
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How to...

Red dot optics are the latest advancement in pistol sighting systems but if you're like us, you still have trouble finding the dot quickly. Firearms...
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Shoot Like a...

Whether shooting in your local pick-up league or the final stage of a national match, there are plenty of great tips in this episode from...
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How to Kill Your...

Ever wonder what you can do to help — or harm — your fine leather holster?  In this episode we talk to well-known custom holster maker 'Doc' Barranti...
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