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Backcountry 6.5 RPM

New Speed Demon Cartridge For A Lightweight Rifle

Rock River Arms LAR 22 Tactical Carbine

Reliable, Accurate And Pure Fun

Springfield Armory
M1A Tanker

Information Age Awesome, Classic Cool

TPM Outfitters H&K MP5SD Clone

Trigger Time On The Alpha Predator

TMT Tactical Glock Makeover

Making A Factory Gun Your Own

Kahr Arms K9 25th Anniversary

Celebrating The Single-Stack Revolution

Federal Launches New Custom Shop

America’s largest ammunition manufacturer goes small

Mossberg Patriot
Synthetic .308

Style, Accuracy And Affordability In A Black Package

Taurus .357 Magnum Raging Hunter

A New Level Of Revolver Accuracy Defined


Federal Goes Long with Terminal Ascent

As a long-time handloader, I’ve been guilty of overlooking new ammunition from time to time. Often, what’s marketed as “the hottest new thing” turns out to be more hype than heat
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Industry News

Gun Rights...

There’s an interesting federal court case unfolding in Illinois in which two gun rights organizations — the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and...
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Starting At The...

We’re going to have a conversation here, and before going any further, nothing you are about to read is meant to offend you, nor should you be offended.
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According to the New York Post, it looks like a tropical storm of political advertising promoting anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg
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Handguns, Rifles And Shotguns

Powerful, Tough...

To this day I am surprised by the number of gun enthusiasts who have not heard of BFR revolvers. Perhaps this is one of the best-kept secrets in revolver...
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Speed Racer

While bolt-action rifles have largely been superseded for military use, they dominate the hunting fields.
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Remington Model 31

It’s steep and rocky in southern Idaho — and today it was cold. I hadn’t gotten 100 yards from the truck when I was already out of breath. “Why do I...
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Mantis X10...

“I can help 94 percent of shooters improve in 20 minutes.” Sounds pretty presumptuous and smacks of those Get-Rich-Quick or Lose-50-pounds-in-two-weeks...
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Axeon Optics ...

We all want a $600 forend light for our home defense shotgun, along with a $3,000 custom 1911 and $5,000 scope for our tack-driving “tactical” rifle.
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Black Hills...

Along with the vast array of handgun models available for personal protection, there’s also been a flood of self-defense ammunition. One of the best...
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EOTech Vudu...

We’re always looking at the next new piece of equipment to see if the elusive “something” is there. Occasionally we strike pay dirt. This time, it’s...
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Long Yardage

Long-range shooting is one of the fastest growing shooting styles sweeping the nation. Thousand-yard ranges are popping up around the country, accommodating...
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The HK VP70Z

Each Heckler and Koch VP70 sported a detachable shoulder stock and a radical polymer frame.
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Ed Mireles, Ret....

Brent T. Wheat speaks with retired FBI agent Ed Mireles, widely considered the hero of the infamous 1986 Miami shootout and a major turning point in the law...
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Church Security,...

Continuing on the topic of church security, host Brent T. Wheat speaks with new American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale about his experiences and learnings...
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John May, Ed...

Ed Brown Products Sales and Marketing Director and a veteran for the shooting world, John May is one of those outgoing gun guys who's never met a stranger...
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