• The Glock 44

    Since the 1983 debut of the G17, GLOCK has sold 18 million auto pistols, all centerfires. Now, with the G44, they have finally brought out a factory .22.

  • Daniel Defense Delta 5

    The Delta 5 is the first bolt action produced by uber black-rifle builder Daniel Defense and was formally introduced to a select group of gun writers

  • Taurus TX 200 Competition

    At risk of offending the kind folks from Taurus, I don’t see the TaurusTX 22 as a competition-specific pistol at all.

  • The Hellion

    With the classic AR-style and design seeming to be the benchmark of a defensive rifle today, why try to gain market share with a design apparently at odds with what’s popular...

  • Springfield Armory Echelon

    The latest high tech combat handgun to come out of the Springfield Armory skunk works is the 9mm Echelon. Launching into a crowded field already full to bursting, the Echelon...

Springfield Armory Long-Action Model 2020 Waypoint Rifles

Springfield Armory Long-Action Model 2020 Waypoint Rifles

Precision manufactured in the USA, Springfield Armory's...

Springfield Armory SA-16A2 in 5.56mm

Springfield Armory SA-16A2 5.56mm

Inspired by the M16A2 rifle — one of the most capable...

Savage Arms TIMBER rimfire rifles

Savage Arms Timber Series

Offered in both bolt-action and semi-automatic, the...

This Deputy Ready For Danger And Fun

The Taurus Deputy has all of the features of a gun designed for fun afternoons at the range, combined with real world capabilities for a working gun.
Read Full Article Lindsey Bertomen
Walther PPK

In the 1950s and 1960s, Colt’s Single Action Army owed a considerable debt for its rebirth in popularity to a gallery of small-screen Western heroes,...
Read Full Article Payton Miller
You never know who you’ll run into at SHOT. Outside the Convention Center, waiting for a ride, Brent ran into famed gunfighter Jim Cirillo.
Dispatches From The 1998 SHOT Show

Feeling nostalgic, GUNS Magazine Editor Brent What takes a stroll down memory lane and shares a newspaper column about his first experience visiting SHOT...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Book: When Violence is the Answer

The book When Violence Is The Answer — Learning How to Do What It Takes When Your Life Is At Stake by Tim Larkin has been out for several years but just...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Besides hunters, clay target shooters can benefit from the easy-to-see front sight. The self-luminescent technology makes the sight literally glow in lower light conditions.
A DIY Shotgun Bead That Will...

Fast, highly visible, easy to install yourself, and as unbreakable as a politician’s ego, the XS Sights Universal Standard Dot Shotgun Vent Rib can help...
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
Black Powder .44s With Conical Bullets

By 1850, Colt had the .44 Dragoon, the .31 Pocket Pistols and the 1851 Navy .36. The Dragoons were too large and heavy for most to consider carrying on the...
Read Full Article John Taffin
The Barnett King Rat Havoc Slingshot

The humble slingshot is the ideal packable tool for survival and subsistence. It doesn’t require expensive ammunition and can, in a pinch, even shoot...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Streamlight TLR-6 HL G Rechargeable...

There are plenty of light/laser options for the popular Smith & Wesson Shield Series but Streamlight just upped the ante with the new TLR-6 HL G.
Read Full Article Brent Wheat
By The Numbers

Just in case you missed it — and a lot of people evidently did — a publication called Legal Reader recently reported some interesting gun-related crime...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Craft Holsters Honors Veterans...

In honor of Military Appreciation Month, Craft Holsters has partnered with the American Legion — America’s largest veterans' group. Craft is donating 1%...
Read Full Article Erick Gelhaus

RM1C Pistol Package

Enter To Win New Amazing Prizes Every Month

Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

Big Gun, Little Gun

In 1955, Smith & Wesson introduced the .357 Combat Magnum which would become the Model 19 two years later when the company went to a model-numbering system....
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Marlin’s Triple-Four

The lure of the lever gun is a contagious one. Once bitten, the symptoms rapidly progress. Cures include names like Marlin, Winchester, or Rossi.
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Double Ought!

Taylor’s & Co. imports the Pedersoli “Wyatt Earp” double-barrel sawed-off shotgun emblazoned with Wyatt’s name (or not, depending on your preference).
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Bradford Guardian 3
Bradford Guardian 3

At 6.75" overall, the Bradford Knives' Guardian 3 is what many consider the “perfect size” for an EDC fixed-blade — not too large, not too small.
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How to Upgrade Your Ruger...

We all love our Rugers, no matter the model we have. They’re a true value, being ruggedly and strongly built.
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Stances and Evolution

It’s a running joke among gun writers that if you cannot think of something original, write an X versus Y article. It’s like 9mm vs. .45ACP or even...
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yellow text on dark background that reads
Snubbies Are Stupid!

The keyboard warriors on social media and discussion forums frequently claim, "Snubbies are stupid!" But if they were, why do so many well-known...
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Thumbnail for podcast episode titled
Too Hot To Carry!

It's summertime, and the living is easy ... unless you're carrying a gun! In this episode, American Handgunner Editor Tom McHale shares tips on how to make...
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eBikes: Old Fat...

In this episode, Brent and Roy talk about eBikes and how the newfangled velocipedes can make both recreation and work less ... work.
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