Otis .30 CAL Sectional Rod Rifle Cleaning Kit

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The king of the pull-through cleaning kit now makes traditional sectional rod kits of lifetime quality. American-made from solid brass and offering strength you’ll never get from a similar aluminum rod, this kit is sized for rifle bores from .30 to .324 (8mm) caliber.
It has a 6″ swivel handle rod, four 7″ brass rod sections with deep male/female threaded ends and a 1.5″ component adapter that screws into the end of any rod section. The rod accepts the shorter 8-32 threaded shanks of the kit’s extra-dense bristle phosphor bronze brush, pierce-point patch holding jag and mop head.

Fully assembled, the 35.5″ of cleaning rod is long enough for every rifle in this caliber range or retrieving a blood pressure pill from under any refrigerator. Consumables include a 20-pack of cotton patches, nylon double-ended brush and a ½-oz. bottle of Shooters’s Choice FP-10 CLP.

MSRP: $36.99

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