Hogue Automatic Retention Carry Holsters

Hogue, Inc., America’s premier manufacturer of firearm grips, stocks, AR components, knives, holsters, gear and accessories is proud to announce their line of automatic retention carry holsters for a wide variety of handguns. “We’re designing and building first rate carry holsters from the ground up,” explained Hogue President Aaron Hogue. “We see a great opportunity

High Mountain Handgunners


As featured in the GUNS Magazine 2015 Special Edition. Get additional great features in this giant edition. Order now! A Rare, Dedicated Breed. The 30 mph gusting wind was peppering our face with gritty particles of snow. It was brutal. My lungs were feeling the effects of altitude while climbing. My feet were frozen. The

Tikka Tales


The T3 Proves A Better Way To Launch A Long-Range .223. It was Boxing Day 2014 here in Canada. A

Rifle Royalty


Al, Roger, Paula: The Biesen Family Has Long Been At The Peak Of America’s Custom Rifle Scene, As Well As

Silent Slice!


Bad Blood Scores Another Hit With The Mosier Wisper. If there were a Best of Show award for the name