New Product Of The Day: TPT Every Day Carry


The TPT Every Day Carry gives the intensity of a full-sized tactical light in a compact frame. Powered by two AAA batteries, the TPT EDC utilizes high-power Cree LEDs to cast 91 lumens of light for up to 4.75 hours. The lightweight, impact-resistant polymer body and aluminum head are built for maximum durability and minimum

Ruger American Compact


When Light Recoil And Power Are Required, A .243 Is A Great Choice. Something I have done especially in recent years is to reach for lighter and smaller rifles when the situation demanded a rifle instead of a sixgun. Lighter-and-smaller for me first came about with the Ruger M77 Compact Rifles. Although they still had

Henry’s Henry


This Henry Replica Is A Fitting Tribute To The Storied Original. Some firearms are so iconic they gain reputations far

‘Tis The Season


The Serving Soldier’s Christmas Gift Guide. With the worldwide drawdown of US troops and the shrinking of American military assets,

Gunny Gear


Safely Using Firearms Afield Is Ably Aided With Today’s Technology. One of the fundamentals of accurate shooting is holding the

The 7mm-08 Remington


A Proven Performer Designed To Fit Modern Short-Action Rifles. Riflemen who could be called “experienced” often snort derisively at new

Separated At Birth?


The Surprising Similarities Between The .38 WCF And .40 S&W. Why would I combine a rimmed, bottlenecked cartridge introduced by