The Winchester Model 1886


More Than A Century After Its Debut, Browning’s Enduring Big-frame Levergun Still Has Plenty Of Fans. For some reasons unfathomable to me, more of today’s riflemen express an affinity for Winchester’s Model 1886 than any other leverguns. I wish I had counted the times someone who has never owned anything but modern bolt actions said

A Top-Shelf .22 Trainer


Poland’s KBK.S wz.48 Is One Sweet-Shooting Collectible “Sleeper.” The militaries of the world struck out in different directions when it

Pick, Click, Shoot!


Winchester Brings Patterning Dope to Your Computer Screen. Patterning is commonly regarded as a tedious aspect of shotgun management, but

It’s a Long Shot


Make it count. Here’s how. There’s a saying in automobile racing, “Speed costs money, how fast do you want to

IMAGE vs. Reality


Human Physiology And Survival. Chances are you will not be called upon to defend yourself as you are strolling up