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Why Tight Is Right


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Revolver Requiem?


Nope. The DA Wheelgun May Have Waned In Popularity, But It Sure Ain’t Dead Yet! By Massad Ayoob When they

Vital Points


Shot Placement, Incapacitation And Conventional Wisdom By Massad Ayoob Many, if not most, defensive firearms programs these days emphasize three

It’s On The House


For A Quarter-Century Now, GLOCK’s Low-Cost, Prize-Rich Handgun Match Has Welcomed Novice And Expert Alike. By Massad Ayoob GLOCK has

Home Carry


Wear A Gun In The Safety Of Your Own Home? Here’s Why It’s A Good Idea. By Massad Ayoob A

Confident Carry


Is Nylon, Traditional Leather, Plastic Or Kydex The Best For Concealed Carry? The Answer Is, “Well…” By Massad Ayoob For

Getting A Grip


The Interface Between Shooter And Gun Can Be The Difference Between Top Performance And Mediocrity. By Massad Ayoob Photos By