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Vital Points


Shot Placement, Incapacitation And Conventional Wisdom By Massad Ayoob Many, if not most, defensive firearms programs these days emphasize three

It’s On The House


For A Quarter-Century Now, GLOCK’s Low-Cost, Prize-Rich Handgun Match Has Welcomed Novice And Expert Alike. By Massad Ayoob GLOCK has

Home Carry


Wear A Gun In The Safety Of Your Own Home? Here’s Why It’s A Good Idea. By Massad Ayoob A

Confident Carry


Is Nylon, Traditional Leather, Plastic Or Kydex The Best For Concealed Carry? The Answer Is, “Well…” By Massad Ayoob For

Getting A Grip


The Interface Between Shooter And Gun Can Be The Difference Between Top Performance And Mediocrity. By Massad Ayoob Photos By

The Case Of Open Carry


Pt I: The Argument For. By Massad Ayoob “Open Carry”—guns worn visibly in public, presumably loaded—has long been a hot-button