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Single-Shot Steal

Single-Shot Steal By Holt Bodinson I’m a secondhand-rack junkie and I love cruising the “used” inventories of local gun shops.

A Briny Blast

Mossberg’s Model 935 Pro-Series Waterfowl vs. The Wild Atlantic By Holt Bodinson If sea duck hunting isn’t on your lifetime

Shoot It Clean!

Pull The Trigger And Huntego’s CleanShot Shell Does The Rest By Holt Bodinson Imagine, if you will, a day at

The Cynergy of Browning

This Twin-Choked Turkey Over/Under Gives A Decided Advantage Afield By Holt Bodinson There’s something very classy about a double gun

Small-Bore Heaven

An Elegant Brace Of 28-gauge Shotguns Handle Like A Dream By Holt Bodinson Catching my eye at the 2017 SHOT

The Affinity Catalyst

Franchi’s Designer Shotguns For Women By Holt Bodinson With the recent and encouraging influx of women into the shooting sports,

A Steal Of A Deal

Hatfield’s $225 12-Gauge Auto Has “Hit” Written All Over It By Holt Bodinson Remember those Hatfields, who were always fussin’,

A Refined Autoloader

Mossberg’s 930 Pro-Series Is The Right Tool For Many Jobs By Holt Bodinson When you want to build a no-holds-barred

The Sweet Sixteen

Little Appreciated Today, Our Once Popular Do-All “Middle Gauge” Just Got Sweeter By Holt Bodinson If you’re old enough to

A Great 28

TriStar’s Setter S/T O/U Is A Sweet- Swinging Smallbore Built To scale. By Holt Bodinson Think you’ve seen more 28-gauge