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Packrat Confessions

Guns, Stories, Cool Guy-Stuff By Will Dabbs, MD The technical appellation is Neotoma lepida. The debris piles they construct are

Friendly Fire …

Best Buds, Good Guns By Will Dabbs, MD It’s really a wonder we survived adolescence. We first met in 9th

The Ravin R9

A Crossbow That Thinks It’s a Rifle By Will Dabbs, MD The year was 52 BC and 50,000 Roman legionaries

Raise ’Em Right

Kids And The Shooting Sports By Will Dabbs, MD In our last installment we discussed the history of toy guns

Beware The Blast

Human Hearing And How To Lose It By Will Dabbs, MD Testosterone is the world’s most potent poison and age

The 1-Shot Double Tap

David Tubb’s Absolute 2-Hole Special Purpose Ammunition By Will Dabbs, MD The Special Purpose Individual Weapon (SPIW) program ran from

Guns & Kids

The Aftermath By Will Dabbs, M.D. Photos By Sara Dabbs The culprit was one of those adorable little 3-year-old tow-headed

First Aid

Knowing How To Cope With Emergency Situations Can Save A Life By Will Dabbs, MD Photos By Sara Dabbs The

Perks Of Fatherhood

Unexpected Life Lessons In A Civil War Cannonball. By Will Dabbs, MD Photos By Sara Dabbs America, while still the