The Crickett rifle is plenty accurate for its intended purpose. With an inexpensive scope the little gun will reliably ventilate a Coke can out to the limits of the rimfire cartridge. If your area of operations sports squirrels or similar small game, the Crickett makes a fine first hunting rifle as well. Small enough to fit growing shooters yet long enough to be easily and safely controlled on the range, the Crickett rifle is indeed the optimized introductory firearm. My three kids all cut their teeth on one, and I subsequently gifted my gun to a friend whose wife became pregnant after my own kids had graduated to more serious iron. If you want to be the coolest dude at the shower I have found a Crickett rifle to be the ideal baby present.

I tried to take the Crickett out for a spin, but I was really too big for it. The Crickett is not scaled for grownups. To get a kid’s-eye view on how the Crickett really runs I looked to my pal William.

William’s dad is my best friend. He and I have had some remarkable adventures together. We built potato cannons, fabricated trebuchets and dug bunkers when we were young. Our largest treb sported a 12-foot throwing arm. In concert with a 300-pound counterweight, the thing would launch a softball or bag of flour into low earth orbit. As adults we have crewed a live Sherman tank and handcrafted his dad’s coffin. Limitations of the language prevent me from adequately describing the satisfaction it brought me to introduce my buddy William to the storied art of shooting.