A Model Public Servant

The following day I made the half-hour trek back to the Sheriff’s Office only to find they had gotten busy the night before and had not had time to do background checks. Clearly disappointed given the drive and my hectic schedule, the lady behind the desk sized me up and said, “Aw, hell. You look like an honest guy.” She then signed the card and passed it to me.

I thanked her profusely. However, I then expressed my incredulity she would so flippantly grant me permission to carry a concealed weapon. Her response reflects the most profound wisdom I have ever heard from any government employee ranging from my local garbage man up to the President.

She asked me if I had ever been arrested and I said no. She asked if I had ever been frisked by the cops and I likewise answered in the negative. She then went on to explain I could have carried a concealed weapon from the first day of Kindergarten until the present and nobody ever would have known. She said the fact I was standing there meant I needed it. I have not ventured out in public without a firearm since then.