The 1-Shot Double Tap

David Tubb’s Absolute 2-Hole
Special Purpose Ammunition
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David Tubb’s Absolute 2-Hole ammunition comes in both supersonic and subsonic varieties intended for very
different applications. The subsonic versions are quiet. The supersonic versions are devastating.

The Special Purpose Individual Weapon (SPIW) program ran from 1959 to 1974. They pronounced it “Spew.” The mission was to increase the lethality of the individual American soldier via rapid-firing firearms. The SPIW program had its roots in Project SALVO, a similar undertaking with a comparably groovy title from the 1950’s that built upon lessons learned in combat during World War II.

While “SPIW” sported arguably the coolest technical moniker in modern times, the practical results were underwhelming. The common thread was to increase the number of projectiles with which a combatant might saturate a target area while simultaneously enhancing downrange lethality.

The weapons ranged from conventional to bizarre. One aspect of the SPIW program showing some promise, however, involved conventional rifle cartridges firing multiple projectiles. Modernizing this concept is David Tubb.

David Tubb is a legendary rifleman. The holder of 11 different NRA National High Power Rifle Championship titles earned at Camp Perry, Ohio, David’s tally is four greater than his next closest competitor. David has won nearly 30 open individual National Championship titles in all four rifle categories. He has taken seven Sportsmen’s Team Challenge Championships as well as six NRA Long Range Rifle National Championships fired between 600 and 1,000 yards. David won his second Wimbledon Cup in 2011. David knows rifle accuracy as well as most any man alive.

His company, Superior Shooting Systems, offers a variety of well-reasoned products for American shooters. His magazine and AR rifle recoil springs reflect the state of the art while his DTR (Dynamic Targeting Reticle) riflescopes push the edges of the performance envelope for long-range rifle shooters. In addition to his own line of DTAC precision match ammunition, David produces the unique Absolute 2-Hole Dual-Projectile .308 rifle round.

David’s 2-Hole ammo positions two specially-configured bullets in a single .308 cartridge case available in both subsonic and supersonic versions. In the subsonic versions both bullets add up to around 350 grains. The supersonic versions combine for 335 grains. Both loads are optimized for use in 1:12-inch-twist barrels or faster. Additionally, both subsonic and supersonic loads are designed to function reliably in direct gas impingement rifles. Should your particular AR-10 struggle with the subsonic loads, one of David’s flatwire recoil springs will typically rectify the problem. David offers these springs at reduced cost to those who purchase his subsonic 2-Hole ammunition.


The subsonic 2-Hole loads consistently printed about 1.2 inches at 100 meters. The supersonic versions dropped into
the same spots about 8 inches apart at 100 meters. The bullet tips are pointing to the various holes.


The physical challenges overcome to produce reliable, accurate multiple-projectile small arms rounds are prodigious. Once the physical challenges of producing the ammo are surmounted, there remains the immutable aphorisms of physics.

The first bullet in the supersonic version is a pointed hollowpoint and defines the weapon’s zero. The first bullet on the subsonic version has an exposed softpoint. The secondary trailing bullet, a wadcutter/full-diameter/open-tip projectile was also predictable downrange. Both bullets produce independent wound channels.

Powder charges are cut to within +/- 0.058 grains for optimal repeatability. Propellant, primers, and cases are selected for ideal performance. All this compulsive quality control results in some uncanny consistency downrange.

Two different bullets sporting two different aerodynamic geometries will produce two distinctly different trajectories. Interestingly, this phenomenon is more pronounced at higher velocities. In my testing the slower rounds produced tighter groups.

If nothing else, launching these rounds against steel yields the most delightful double report with each trigger pull. However, the practical applications of this high-end ammunition are indeed thought provoking.

Subsonic .223 ammunition gives you, in essence, a very expensive .22 rifle. By contrast, subsonic .308 loads carry enough horsepower to drop pigs and whitetail deer reliably.

David Tubb’s subsonic 2-Hole loads are crazy quiet when run through a Gemtech sound suppressor and punch two holes 1.2 inches apart at 100 meters every time. For use against deer, pigs, or similar game it’s an instant double tap and remarkably quiet. The supersonic versions have entirely different applications.

The supersonic loads consistently printed at precisely the same spots at 100 meters. I could overlay the targets and almost align the four holes, but these two bullets typically struck about 8 inches apart. What David’s 2-Hole supersonic .308 cartridges do is instantly double the close-range firepower of your self-defense rifle.


David Tubb’s Absolute 2-Hole ammunition is a 1-shot double tap. Each round is loaded with a pair of projectiles
in either a Supersonic version with a hollowpoint bullet leading

Or a Subsonic version with a leading softpoint pair. Both loads are meticulously crafted for
repeatability downrange. Photo: Glen Zediker

I did my shooting with a Springfield Armory SOCOM-16 short-barreled CQB M1A. Function was flawless with the supersonic loads tested. Imagine firing 10 rounds of .308 rapid fire and getting 20 holes for your trouble.

The supersonic versions instantly double your favorite .308 defensive rifle’s onboard firepower by giving you two independent wound channels for each trigger pull. These tricked-out .30-caliber monsters can now pack 40 bullets into a 20-round magazine.

Absolute 2-Hole ammunition is expensive at $59.99 per box, but no more so than match-grade rounds. It’s just the ticket to pack into the ready magazines you keep for those times late at night when the dog just won’t shut up. At typical defensive ranges such a package offers power and downrange performance not seen since the 1960’s-era government SPIW program. Now, thanks to David Tubb, these remarkable capabilities are available to American civilian shooters as well.

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