Make the Scavengers Work For It

Aging is inevitable. Your telomeres shorten, your joints degrade, your eyesight weakens and stuff you once took for granted no longer operates at peak efficiency. However, that doesn’t mean you have to just give up and die.

Regular exercise can take many forms. Uncle Sam saw to it I can no longer run. Jumping out of airplanes and 10k ruck runs in boots took their inevitable toll. However, my bride and I walk for an hour a day five days a week. It’s easy on the knees and helps keep the heart and lungs in tune. It’s also great RMT (Relationship Maintenance Time). We solve quite a few problems while out enjoying the Mississippi sunshine.

Don’t eat so much garbage. Sometimes it seems two-thirds of my professional life is spent addressing self-inflicted wounds. There are legitimate endocrinological problems that promote obesity but not many. Most of it is a basic lack of personal discipline. Replace food with exercise and set modest, easy-to-reach goals. A pound a week is a solid sustainable accomplishment. A year later there’s 50 lbs. less of you. If you can’t do it on your own, go see your doctor.