The Culprit

If I’m not asleep or in the shower, I’m packing a gun. As a gun writer, it’s kind of my job. The villain in this case was an incredibly cool homebuilt 1911 Commander in .45 ACP.

The gun sports a sterile aluminum bobtail frame and a simply superlative set of parts from Stealth Arms. I built the gun using my Ghost Gunner home-milling machine. The end result is compact, lightweight and shoots like a dream. As I made it in my garage, it also does not sport markings. Like I said, truly epic!

I packed the gun for a week in an Alien Gear IWB rig underneath my scrubs at work and felt adequately prepared for anything life might throw at me. After three days, however, I could sense trouble. It started as a little twinge when I moved certain ways and by day four I couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep.