Building My Own M41A Pulse Rifle

My dummy M41A was a homeschool project I built several years ago with my kids. Nothing on the gun actually works and it differs from the original props in several ways a True Believer would find objectionable. However, I think it’s just super cool.

The chassis is built around a length of square tubular steel stock from Home Depot. The forearm and cooling shroud came from an inexpensive SPAS-12 airsoft gun. The pistol grip/fire control unit are original M1A1 Thompson parts. While most of the gun can be built from stupid-cheap stuff, these Thompson components are spendy nowadays. I was fortunate to have built this gun back when these parts were commonplace. You can still find them from time to time on

The bulk of the project is handcrafted out of pine lumber, distressed as needed and painted to match. The round counter is painted in place and covered with a small piece of Plexiglas. The end result is heavy and rugged.