Provenance Unknown

My beloved Vietnam Chicom Type 54 bring-back came with the most curious holster. The gun is shopworn, but the holster is lined with blue corduroy. Oddly, this was not atypical for this particular gun.

WW II-vintage Axis pistols all embody a bit of melancholia. Each was taken by some GI in combat and then brought home as a souvenir of the most exciting time in his young life. Eventually the exigencies of life drove the guy to sell the gun when he needed money for diapers or baby formula.

Or perhaps he simply grew weary of the tangible reminder of something that was — likely — unimaginably unpleasant. If not that, then some subsequent generation lost interest and liquidated these treasures after the vet was gone. I cherish such stuff for the holy things they are. It seems the least I can do.