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Handguns And Lights

[…] dark) I can often be found wearing one or another Glock with a SureFire X-series light inside my waistband in […]

Sights For Rusty Eyes

[…] I have a set on one of my favorite carry Glocks, a G31 in .357 SIG. Those sights are precise […]

Handguns And Gloves

[…] stark one: gloved hand or frozen hand? Mas finds the Glock pistol amenable to the gloved hand. It should be, […]

Innovative Pocket Power

[…] Ruger and has a barrel about as long as the Glock, which is much longer in overall length. The grip/magazine […]

Handgun Ammo Part 1

[…] at home in a quality 9mm pistols such as this Glock 19. This is a fine Browning BDA from the […]

Three Cool Holsters

[…] in the Yeti-Tac Yeti07. Yeti-Tac IWB While testing the then-new GLOCK 43 for another magazine, one of the holsters I […]

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