The Gun

John Browning initially crafted the 1911 pistol and its .45 ACP cartridge to put Muslim terrorists down quickly and efficiently, and his timeless design prevails even today. The recoil-operated action is both inspired and reliable, ultimately birthing most of the world’s modern tactical handguns. Dan Wesson’s gorgeous take on Browning’s timeless design flirts with art.

In addition to all the cool-guy stuff we discussed earlier, the Wraith’s match-grade barrel is threaded 9/16x24. I would have preferred the standard .578x28 used by most .45 ACP pistols, but nobody asked me. Alas, suppressor manufacturers will all make pistons in this thread pitch for their .45 ACP cans. Pick up a threaded barrel for your favorite .40 S&W polymer-framed handgun and you can run the same can on both guns.