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“High Caps” & Handicaps

[…] last resort of Fight, he has wisely chosen a “high-capacity” Glock. Photo: Gail Pepin Less Visible Disabilities Obviously, the guy […]

Off Balance!

[…] crouch over best cover available, a flipped-over table, with his Glock 34. Contorted Positions I’ve debriefed two gunfight survivors, a […]

Senior Citizen Handguns

[…] 75 feet. When eyesight fades, Tactical Advantage sights (left, on Glock 17) and laser sights like Crimson Trace (right, on […]

The .357 SIG In Perspective

[…] The .357 SIG can be tougher on the gun, though. Glock suggests armorers replace recoil springs on the .357s every […]

Plying Polymer Pathways

[…] the Centennial year of that classic design, with a polymer-framed Glock 31 on my hip in a Kydex holster? There’s […]

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