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Fixed Power Scopes

[…] trying to get the correct ring spacing for your scope. Savage long-action bolt guns will need extension rings with some […]

Kahr Arms Tommy Gun

[…] his requests for more Tommy Gun manufacture so Maquire convinced Savage Arms Corporation of Utica, N.Y., to accept a contract […]

Long Range Comes Of Age

[…] The Bergara fluted bolt was a real surprise. Like the Savage centerfire bolt, the Bergara’s floating bolt head perfectly conforms […]

Mossberg At 100

[…] firearm was a hammerless, slide-action .22 rifle designed by Arthur Savage and marketed as the Model 1903 Savage until dropped […]

The .25-35 Winchester

[…] tube-magazines can be used with spitzer bullets, including single-shots and Savage 99’s. My friend Tim Crawford has a German “kipplauf” […]

Rifle Cartridge Roulette

[…] zip from a lever rifle there are plenty of used Savage 99’s in .300 Savage. But cartridge designers keep trying […]

Lighten Your Load

[…] pre-64 Model 70 Winchester Featherweight 22″ and also a .308 Savage 24-1/4″ Model 10T. So we had the bases pretty […]

Trigger Control

[…] Sam Colt. Coburn took over leadership of a nearly bankrupt Savage corporation and turned it into an industry giant. Coburn’s […]

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