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Four For Fighting

[…] gunnery. Remington delivered over 60,000 M11s during the war and Savage produced an additional 14,000 identical Model 720s. Early military […]

The U.S. .45 SMG in WWII

[…] $4,000 in today’s dollars! They were also time-consuming to manufacture. Savage, the sole maker in 1942, redesigned them. Drum magazines […]

Number 4 Lee-Enfield Rifle

Production wasn’t just limited to England. In America, Savage Arms Company was awarded a contract for the rifle and built […]

Crossfire October 2018

[…] the short barrel. I once had a line on a Savage 170 in .35 Remington, but it was sold out […]

Just Make It Yourself

[…] firearms came from one. My first .22 was actually a Savage M24, with a .22 Long Rifle barrel over a […]

SHOT Show scoop

[…] $90 Million Most products launched by a major gun manufacturer: Savage, with 40 Dates of 2020 Show: January 21-24 Will […]

The Mauser Magic

[…] ring. It was factory-barreled for the 6.5×50, 8×51 and .250 Savage. Magnum and short actions saw no military service. After […]