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[…] History. Four For Fighting: The Greatest Quartet Of Combat Shotguns. Savage Arms Stevens 301: Turkey Obsession Shotgun. Colt Official Police […]

The Future Is Flexible

[…] 7 pounds without creep. Similar in design to the earlier Savage Accutrigger, the center blade of the LPA has to […]

In Praise of the .257 Weatherby

[…] .25-cal. rifles have approximate muzzle velocities as follows — .250 Savage 2,800 fps, .257 Roberts 3,000 fps, .25-’06 Rem. 3,200 […]

Crossfire June 2019

[…] corporate finalists to supply the US Military with its sidearm, Savage and Colt, as fighting “like drunken chimps.” As a […]

Vintage Gems

[…] offered rifles and shotguns by makers such as Winchester, Marlin, Savage and Stevens. Naturally, these appliance giants often had their […]

Keep Shootin’

[…] easy shooting calibers such as the 6.5 Swede and .250 Savage. In leverguns, the .357 Magnum is just about the […]