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Number 4 Lee-Enfield Rifle

Production wasn’t just limited to England. In America, Savage Arms Company was awarded a contract for the rifle and built […]

Hornady 6mm ARC

[…] length measures 2.26″ with a 30-degree shoulder — same as the popular 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm PRC and comparatively ancient .300 Savage.

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Pump-Action Rifles

[…] 141. All of these were out of production by 1950. Savage built pump rifles from 1903 until 1967 — their […]

It’s An X-Ring Christmas

[…] and .410 bore which sport a 22-inch barrel at $173. Savage Arms, 100 Springdale Rd., Westfield, MA 01085, (800) 370-0708. […]

A Bull of a Pup

[…] Around 1905, in America, Elbert Searle used it in the Savage 1908 pistol. Meanwhile, over in Austria, Karel Krnka was […]

Deep Winter Reading

[…] Marxist/Maoist tyrants in the areas of institutionalized stupidity, senseless cruelty, savage slaughter and sheer insanity. North Korea is so sealed […]