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Our 6mm Superstar

[…] popular rifles such as the Winchester 70, Winchester 88 and Savage 99, it became so popular so quickly, it left […]

Hardware Store Guns | GMP #110

[…] Williams, Western Field and other brands were frequently made by the “big-name” gun builders such as Marlin, Savage, Winchester and others.

Deep Winter Reading

[…] Marxist/Maoist tyrants in the areas of institutionalized stupidity, senseless cruelty, savage slaughter and sheer insanity. North Korea is so sealed […]

Fixed Power Scopes

[…] trying to get the correct ring spacing for your scope. Savage long-action bolt guns will need extension rings with some […]

Kahr Arms Tommy Gun

[…] their own Canadian, New Zealand, Indian and Australian troops. When Savage took over production of Tommy Guns, the Model 1928 […]

My First AR-15

[…] Zediker Legacy AR Fulton Armory 8725 Bollman Place, Suite 1 Savage, MD 20763 (301) 490-948 Custom AR Medesha Firearms […]

Practicing The Practical

[…] 788 (introduced in 1967) was one, as was the original Savage Model 110 (introduced in 1958). The retail on the […]

Texas Ranger Frank Hamer

[…] right hip and a Winchester (or, in one case, a Savage Model 99 lever-action) in hand, the Remington Model 8 […]

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