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Rifle Cartridge Roulette

[…] zip from a lever rifle there are plenty of used Savage 99’s in .300 Savage. But cartridge designers keep trying […]

Lighten Your Load

[…] Model 600. The same load also shot superbly in Denis’ Savage with a 7/8″ group at a muzzle velocity of […]

Browning Auto-5

[…] was marketed by Remington as the Model 11 and by Savage as the Model 720. The latter two guns lack […]

Old Beat-Up Stuff

[…] carbine, a 1938 Swede, a Ruger bolt critter-gitter, then a Savage light .308, and then things get blurry. At one […]

60 Years Of Plinkin’

[…] of youth .22 rifles under their Cricket and Chipmunk brands. Savage and Rossi both make nice rifles at a plinkin’ […]

Ruger .416 Hawkeye African

[…] the brake, which your intrepid correspondent did so all your questions may be answered, results in a notably more savage punch.

A Deer Stand Christmas Carol

[…] his Woolrich jacket airing out on the clothesline, his scoped Savage 99 is sitting in the garage corner. I always […]

Browning Double Automatic

[…] if the friction ring is not set appropriately. Remington and Savage both made clones of the A5 and the original […]

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