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Curse Of The Wheelwolf

[…] when a man loves autos at heart, And carries a Glock by night, May become a wheelwolf when revolver season […]

Is The Revolver Obsolete?

[…] the single most popular law enforcement handgun today is the Glock 22, a 16-shot .40 caliber semiautomatic pistol. Yet the […]

Make Your Own Luck

[…] interested in personal defense, a solid, simple choice is a Glock. I prefer the mid-size Model 19 or 23 in […]

In Defense of the Elderly

[…] butt-whooping for a 20-year-old. As we get older even a GLOCK can become a challenge. The 9mm Walther CCP sports […]

Marine Corps Colt M45A1 CQBP

[…] of “progress” and began trading in their M45A1 pistols for GLOCK 19s. Along the way, some of the M45A1’s suffered […]

Rock Island Armory STK100 9mm

[…] likes of APEX, Lone Wolf and others geared toward the GLOCK will fit the STK100. That’s both convenient and smart […]