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Downsizing Defense

[…] and 9mm (with 127-grain +P+) the rest, usually in double-stack Glocks or a 20-shot Springfield Armory XD(M). In jurisdictions with […]

SA-35 And The Mozambique Drill

[…] this magnificent trigger a few times, and your favorite striker-fired GLOCK will seem positively Neanderthal by comparison. The slide locks […]

Understudy Guns

[…] — Though they’re not generally available to the private sector, GLOCKs and SIGs are available which are built to fire […]

Lead Reckoning

[…] private citizen named Elisjsha Dicken, 22, stepped forward with a GLOCK pistol and capped a killer in the food court […]

Old Stuff

[…] more positively by the self-loading pistol of 1911, or a Glock or something. Maybe carry a second Single Action Army. […]

Ultimate CCW Upgrade

[…] everyday wear, it should be noted I could fit a GLOCK 19 in the front pockets. I’m not big on […]