Introducing Fenix’s All-New
1,200 Lumen Rechargeable
Weapon-Mounted Tactical Light


We’ve all heard the saying — nothing good happens after midnight. Well, that’s because it’s true! While more than half of overall police-reported incidents happen during the day, there’s no denying that criminals are busy while the rest of us are asleep.

While midnight is the peak hour when violent crimes like rape and sexual assault are likely to occur, an estimated 65% of murder/nonnegligent manslaughter cases and 56% of robberies occur under the cover of darkness between 7 p.m. and 6:59 a.m.

All things considered, adding a weapon-mounted pistol light to your home defense or self-defense gun seems like a no-brainer. For those looking for an affordable yet quality option, Fenix recently introduced its first-ever pistol light — the GL19R.

A leader in the lighting market known for its durable and long-lasting flashlights and lamps with ultra-bright beams, Fenix continually pushes the envelope to develop illumination products for outdoorsmen, military, security, industrial, and other professional fields, making the expansion of its product line into the firearms market a natural progression.

Delivering a maximum of 1,200 lumens and 11,000 candelas at 210 meters, the Fenix GL19R LED pistol light improves your visibility in low- or no-light conditions but can also serve to disorient an attacker. The high output setting provides 350 lumens for extended continuous use.

The GL19R attaches and detaches quickly and safely with no tools required. At a length of 3.04 inches, it fits most full-size pistols with a Glock or MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail. It can also be mounted to a few compact pistols, including the Glock36 with standard rail and Springfield XDs; however, the GL19R does not fit any compact models from Sig Sauer, Taurus F&N, CZ, and Smith & Wesson with short rails or without standard rails, or any sub-compact or micro-compact pistols.

The GL19R is powered by a single ARB-L18-1100P Fenix battery providing a runtime of up to 2 hours. A thoughtfully placed USB Type-C charging port allows you to recharge the light without having to remove it from the rail.

It will add 3.5 ounces to the weight of your handgun, but an often overlooked benefit of using a weapon-mounted light is that this slight amount of counterweight ​​​​can help reduce muzzle flip — meaning your second shot will be on target faster. The ambidextrous switches and instant one-finger control make the GL19R an easy-to-operate solution right out of the package. And since we’re talking about situations where your life may be on the line, simpler is often better.

When paired with the Fenix AER-06s Tactical Pressure Switch for remote activation, the GL19R can be mounted to rifles with either MIL-STD-1913 or M-Lok rails. The 45-degree angle of its button allows for smooth and simple ease of use in a variety of grip placements, while the AER-06s’ low profile of only 28mm means that it won’t get in the way of your sights no matter where you have it mounted.

The Fenix GL19R rechargeable tactical light retails for $99.95. For more information or to purchase, visit or visit Fenix booths #43326 and #14053 at SHOT Show 2023 to check out their products in person.