You readers must have guessed I hit steel most often with my 7½" .38-40. In truth I did, but actually shot well with all my .38-40 SAAs of which there are six others. Colt reintroduced .38-40 SAAs in 1993 and made them well into the 21st century. By my standards, all have been good revolvers with consistent barrel groove diameters of 0.400" and cylinder chamber mouths of 0.401". They have been some of the most accurate single action revolvers of my considerable experience.

Interestingly, until very late in the 1st Generation Colt caliber stamped their SAAs .38 WCF. Towards the end the marking was changed to .38-40. When reintroduced in 1993 the latter marking remained. However very late in the 20th century some SAAs ordered from the custom shop again carried the .38 WCF marking. I have them both ways. Also I have them with blue and color case hardened finish and fully nickel-plated.