Now …

This was six months ago. Just over six months from now, the mid-term elections will be held and gun owners have an opportunity to put the run on the anti-gun far left by defeating the people who are their legislative allies. Gottlieb said it best on the day after last November’s Virginia election, telling Old Dominion gun owners: “You gave every gun owner in America a reason to be excited about the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.”

On that same day, readers should recall how voters in Minneapolis soundly rejected an effort to defund and dismantle their city’s police department. In Seattle, voters rejected candidates for mayor and city attorney who were determined to reduce their police agencies.

If those voters could do it, so can you. All it takes is to make sure your voter registration is up to date, and now is a good time to get this out of the way. Find and recruit good candidates to replace those officials in state legislatures and Congress who are determined to disarm you.