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Mobilizing Mouse Guns

[…] in production: the Ruger LCP II Lite Rack (.22 LR), Taurus 22 Poly (.22 LR), Beretta Bobcat 21A (.25 ACP), […]

Mossberg 500 Persuader

[…] is rated at 775 fps from a 3-inch revolver ( Taurus or S&W), but from a legal-length (18 inch) shotgun […]

Blackhawk! ISP

[…] Springfield XD, S&W Shield and Bodyguard) and revolvers (Kimber K6, Taurus 85 and, of course, S&W J-Frame). The Blackhawk! ISP […]

Crossfire January 2019

What an anniversary present! I just picked up my Taurus 85 Ultralight .38 Special Gun Giveaway at my FFL. The […]

Pistol-Packin’ Primer

[…] expanding social bullets, the gun is adequately powerful. Of course, Taurus, Smith and Wesson, Charter Arms and others produce top-notch […]


[…] a business standpoint, it’s also worth noting stock in Brazilian gun manufacturer Taurus Armas SA rose almost 90 percent last year.

Identical Shooting Twins

[…] relatively new combo also working well for training is the Taurus G3 and TX-22. The G3 is a purpose-built, full-size […]

Cheap pistols

[…] offered by various manufacturers. My current budget recommendation is the Taurus G3, around $250 “on the street.” I’ll wager it’ll […]

Lapua and SK Rimfire Ammo

[…] Heckler & Koch HK614 pistol, a GLOCK 44 and a Taurus TX22. Chronograph readings from the GLOCK, the HK614 with […]

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