With so much new .22 ammo on hand, I thought it would be fun to test the SK ammo with the open sight Remington 514 single-shot .22 rifle I have owned for 61 years. I also popped a Simmons scope on a Marlin 60 and for handgun testing I chose a Ruger Mark III Hunter with a Pursuit Red/Green Dot sight. In addition to these three guns used for accuracy testing, I shot multiple rounds of the ammo through a suppressed Heckler & Koch HK614 pistol, a GLOCK 44 and a Taurus TX22.

Chronograph readings from the GLOCK, the HK614 with its 8.5" barrel and the Remington 514 with a 24" barrel didn’t show a lot of variation in velocity between the ammo types. The Flat Nose Match and Long Range Match edged the others out slightly as handgun velocities through the G44 were in the high 800s to low 900s. The HK’s 8.5" barrel added 50–70 fps to each lot. The rifle readings were all in the 1,050 to 1,090 fps range.

For accuracy testing I set up targets at 25 yards and shot from a bench using a sandbag rest. Starting with the Remington 514, I fired five shots with each type of ammo at a separate target, then switched to the Marlin 60 and did the same. With the Mark III Hunter, I fired 10 rounds at each target instead of five. Why 10? No particular reason except the Hunter is just plain fun to shoot with optics mounted.