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Best Italian Import Since Sophia Loren?

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In terms of CCW holsters, whether or not it’s indeed a “Kydex World” can be a source of interminable argument. What’s beyond debate, however, is the fact not everyone wants to live in it. For quiet, comfort and class, a whole lot of pistol packers — ordinary citizens and LE types alike — want leather. And have since well before the days of Dragnet’s Sgt. Joe Friday and NYC’s holster legend, Chic Gaylord.

Blackhawk! has long been a fixture on the tactical gear market, and the company now offers a line of premium leather holsters, of which this Burnished Brown ISP model (with clip) is a prime example. It’s offered for most of the usual “Carry Suspects.” This covers autos (standard and Commander-size 1911, GLOCK, HK, 4″ and under Springfield XD, S&W Shield and Bodyguard) and revolvers (Kimber K6, Taurus 85 and, of course, S&W J-Frame).

The Blackhawk! ISP owes its good looks to custom-made Italian leather, hand-boned to the shape of each individual handgun model. His Editorship Roy — the very definition of “Leather Luddite” — likes it so much we don’t think he’s taken it off for several weeks now.

Ph: (800-379-1732)

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