Feeding The Nightstick

The Nightstick will handle any 2-¾" or 3" 12-gauge round.

A longstanding theory is birdshot is best for home defense as it will not penetrate the sheetrock used in common construction. Newsflash — yes, it will, as proved in many tests over the years. While it will not penetrate a 2X4 stud, buckshot will not likely either.

With this said, I believe #4 birdshot is an excellent home defense round in the Nightstick for several reasons. First, it is readily available for practice at a reasonable cost. Second, it is easier to shoot for people sensitive to recoil and is much easier to control than buckshot. Lastly, at distances encountered in the average home, it is effective. At these ranges Major General Julian Hatcher described the results as “a bloody rathole.”