The Details

The 16.1" free-floated, cold hammer-forged barrel is capped with a Mini-14/SR-556 type flash suppressor. Overall length is 38.5" with a weight of 7.1 lbs. The forward-mounted Picatinny rail allows for mounting an intermediate-eye-relief scope. Ruger’s patented integral scope mounts, machined directly on the receiver, provide a stable mounting surface for traditional over-the-receiver mounting. The gun’s iron sights consist of a ghost-ring adjustable rear aperture sight and a Mini-14 type non-glare, protected blade front sight.

The laminated wood shows a lot of grain on samples I have seen and has checkering on the forearm and pistol grip. The stock has three 1/2" spacers to adjust the length of pull (LOP) to accommodate different statures, clothing or gear.

The bolt has a non-rotating, Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor. The bolt handle is round and smooth and measures 0.760" at its widest point. I appreciate the aesthetics of a checkered bolt but proper technique calls for running the bolt from the shoulder after firing a shot and a smooth bolt is more practical.

The GSR uses a three-position safety, where forward is “fire.” In the center “safe” position, the bolt can be worked to load/unload but cannot be fired. In the most rearward “safe” position, the bolt is locked.

The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle used for this report is my personal rifle and set up with a Vortex Viper PST 1-6X24 scope and Galco Safari Sling.