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GLOCK 17 Gen5 T4E

Umarex USA

The GLOCK 17 Gen5 T4E was designed with this tagline — Paint. Compete. Perform. It is the first officially licensed GLOCK paintball marker from Umarex USA. The .43-caliber GLOCK replica developed and manufactured in Germany is a CO2-powered pistol made for paintball sports and training. The 8-round magazine holds either paint- or powder balls in .43 caliber. It also accommodates a 12-gram CO2 cartridge that can be used without tools in seconds. MSRP: $349.99. For more info: (479) 646-4210,



Armalite’s AR50A1 is a single-shot, bolt-action rifle chambered for the .50 BMG cartridge. It features an octagonal receiver and uses ArmaLite’s V-Channel chassis. With an OAL of 58.5″ and weighing 37.1 lbs., the rifle is highly accurate for long-range shooting. A massive muzzle brake makes recoil manageable. It has a 30″ barrel made of chrome moly black nitride, a single-stage trigger and an Armalite AR-50 stock and muzzle. MSRP: $3,985. For more info: (623) 780-1050,


590S Series


Mossberg introduces the 590S Series of 12-gauge pump-actions. The guns in the series are capable of cycling 1.75″, 2.75″ and 3″ shotshells interchangeably without an adaptor. They are offered in two full-length stock options and two versions of the bird’s head-gripped Shockwave. Based on Mossberg’s 500 pump-action platform, 590 tactical guns have non-binding twin action bars, positive steel-to-steel lock-up and anti-jam elevator, dual extractors and more. MSRP: From $605. For more info: (800) 363-3555,

Girsan MC9


EAA’s Girsan MC9 with integral built-in optics allows for a steady, smooth focus on target with zero shaking or distortion. The Fast Target Acquisition Red Dot Optic (FAR-DOT) mounts even without an optics adaptor plate. With an OAL of 7.5″ and weighing 1.4 lbs., this 9mm pistol comes in a Standard or Match model with three interchangeable backstraps for a customized grip. A rail in front offers attachment of lights or lasers. MSRP: $568. For more info: (321) 639-4842,


Warcat IWB Holster

Warcat Tactical

The Warcat IWB Holster has a slim, minimalist design. It’s smooth and shaped for comfort and comes with the Warcat Claw & Wedge Kit. The kit reduces printing by adjusting the holster tighter to your body. The claw keeps the grip turned toward you while the wedge adjusts the frame inward. Warcat holsters are made from a molded polymer that’s 20% lighter, 40% tougher and 80% more heat resistant than other molded holsters. MSRP: $17.76. For more info: (208) 618-8618,

LevAR Ratcheting Charging Handle

Springfield Armory

The patented LevAR Ratcheting Charging Handle gives users a 3:1 mechanical advantage over traditional charging handles and clears stuck cartridges with ease while keeping your muzzle pointed safely downrange. You no longer have to slam the butt of the gun against the ground to free stuck casings. Simply deploy the ratcheting arm and pull back to eject the casing. MSRP: $99. For more info: (800) 680-6866,


BG-AK Battlegrip

TangoDown Inc.

TangoDown announces more colors for the BG-AK Battlegrip (with storage plug) as well as the BG-AKOE Battlegrip (without storage). These AK grips, now available in Bakelite Orange, Dark Red and Dark Plum, have a comfortable, ergonomic shape. MSRP: $21–$27. For more info: [email protected],

Firearms Guide 12th Edition

Firearms Guide 

Published since 2009,the Firearms
Guide 12th Edition is for industry
professionals and enthusiasts. It has the most extensive firearms, ammo and air
guns reference manuals published online. In photo, the Firearms Guide Flash Drive Edition. MSRP: $99.99 for the combo; $29.95 for the activation card. For more info:


32-Round (9mm) Gen 2 Magazine for GLOCKs

ETS Group

The ETS Group announced the release of their 32-Round (9mm) Gen 2 Magazine for GLOCKs. Made of clear polymer, the magazines can be used for the Glock 17, 18, 19, 19X, 26, 34 and 45. Made from advanced polymers for extreme impact resistance, the magazines won’t crack or break when dropped and won’t become brittle over time. Available in Clear, Orange or Blue. MSRP: $21.99. For more info: (855) 887-5452,

Spetsnaz Entrenching Shovel Series

Cold Steel

Cold Steel offers the Spetsnaz Entrenching Shovel Series for multiple field uses and survival scenarios. The series include the Special Forces Shovel and the Trench Shovel. Modeled after the Soviet-era Spetsnaz military entrenching tool, these shovels can be used for digging trenches and pits, clearing vegetation and building field shelters. The Special Forces Shovel has a hardwood handle and weighs 36.3 oz. The Trench Shovel has an American Ash handle and weighs 25.7 oz. MSRP: From $31.99. For more info: (877) 269-8490,


Premium Weighted Don’t Tread On Me

Templar Knife

The large, dagger-style Premium Weighted Don’t Tread On Me knife weighs 8.6 oz. and is made of aluminum zinc oxide and CNC’d inside. Its 3.55″ blade is Black oxide stonewashed powder D2. This Templar knife comes in three sizes (Large, Slim and Small) and six blade styles (Dagger, Tanto, Drop, Dagger Serrated, Tanto Serrated and Drop Serrated). MSRP: $109.99 for Small; $129.99 for Large and Slim. For more info: (833) 855-6433,

Bore Weevil 2.0

Birchwood Casey

The Bore Weevil 2.0 is based on Birchwood Casey’s popular Bore Weevil retractable cleaning system for long guns and handguns. The 2.0 continues the basic operation of the original but allows fast, efficient cleaning of rifle, shotgun and handgun barrels where cleaning rods are not feasible.MSRP: $14.99. For more info: (877) 269-8490,


Adjustable Co-Witnessing Modular Red Dot Adapter Mount

Outer Impact

Outer Impact introduces the Adjustable Co-Witnessing Modular Red Dot Adapter Mount. It allows shooters to use a variety of red dot sights on any rifle with a Picatinny rail. With this product, shooters can also dictate the height of the optic or level of co-witness they prefer. MSRP: $149.95. For more info: [email protected],

Master Grade Hoodie

Real Avid

Real Avid announces the debut of an apparel line that has something for everyone. The line includes the Master Grade Hoodie as well as five T-shirts and a long-sleeved shirt. The hoodie is made of pre-shrunk 80% cotton, 20% polyester blend ideal for cool weather. The T-shirts are made of 60% cotton, 40% polyester mix. Two women’s shirts of cotton/polyester/rayon are also available. MSRP: $59.99 for the hoodie; $19.99 for the shirts. For more info: (800) 286-0567,

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